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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will meet in Brooklyn for the next #DemDebate on CNN and NY1 on April 14, five days before a crucial primary election in New York state. RSVP to watch with us and tell the moderators to ask about climate, fracking and clean energy.


The last few debates on CNN have included questions on fracking and climate change, which is crucial for the next president to deal with. But New York is a one-of-a-kind stage. It's one of the first states to ban fracking, it's the first state whose Attorney General launched an investigation into Exxon's Climate Cover-Up – and more.1

Let’s make sure the hosts — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, NY1 political anchor Errol Louis and New York News reporter Jennifer Fermino2 — get our questions in advance and then commit to ask tough questions on climate change.

And then click here to RSVP for our Debate Watch Party to see if our New York hosts follow through.

We're more than halfway through the primary process, but we haven't seen a primary like New York's before. Sen. Bernie Sanders has released a new ad criticizing Hillary Clinton on fracking ahead of next week's primary, which has already banned this extreme drilling process in a big win for our movement. Actress Susan Sarandon says, in the ad, Bernie is "the only candidate for president who opposes fracking everywhere."3

We've known and worked with the anti-fracking movement in New York for years, but polls out still show Clinton with a 51 percent-to-39 percent lead over Sanders, indicating a close election based on real issues.4

We need real debates that ask real questions so voters are informed before they make their choice for President Obama's successor. This Thursday night we have a chance to see if CNN and their New York Co-hosts share this opinion. Click here to watch the debate with us, and send your questions to the national stage.

See you in the chatroom,

Drew and the Environmental Action Debate Team

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