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You've supported our past actions at FERC with your time, your signature and your donations. Now, BXE needs your help again to make sure the Rubber Stamp Rebellion is the biggest, loudest opposition to fossil fuel infrastructure in our history: Please donate here to help!

Friend, My fellow BXEer,

Since you are someone who has been involved with Beyond Extreme Energy, I know you share my excitement at the pace and breadth at which opposition to fracked gas and other fossil fuel infrastructure is spreading across this country. That's the bad news and the good news  about the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) rubber stamping of pipelines, compressor stations, storage facilities and LNG export terminals -- they're everywhere, and opposition to them is everywhere.1

From our birth in 2014, BXE has been in the forefront of carrying out powerful, creative actions at FERC. You've supported our three previous multi-day actions,2 or maybe our two recent actions -- "Pancakes not Pipelines"3 and "Dunkin' Democracy"4 (see photo below of this week's action).

Opponents of FERC's devastating decisions have come to join us in Washington from many parts of the country, and BXEers are joining many of them in their own frontline communities -- doing multi-day walks along proposed pipeline routes; standing up to companies that are illegally felling trees; and forging relationships of solidarity to strengthen all of our efforts.

"It's all one pipeline," is the new battle cry, and we'll be bringing that message to FERC during our next action: the Rubber Stamp Rebellion. Will you chip in to support us once again?

From May 15-22 we'll be at FERC demanding No New Permits, also at the D.C. offices of some of the "bad actors" -- the pipeline companies or related businesses that are hurting communities and helping to cook our planet with methane emissions from leaking gas infrastructure. Methane is 86 times more powerful than CO2 at warming our climate in the first 20 years after release -- which is our critical window to stop climate chaos and turn the planet around. During that week we'll also be supporting local actions that coordinate with our work in D.C. You can learn more and RSVP to attend or host your own event wherever you live by clicking this link.

To make all this happen we need funding: to pay our two hard-working staffers; for all the artwork and props; for trainings both in DC and in frontline communities; for support of local direct action campaigns in front-line communities that challenge fracked gas infrastructure; for food and lodging costs; and for travel money to help frontline community members get to D.C. Donate here to support the Rubber Stamp Rebellion in D.C. from May 15-22.

Thank you,

Melinda Tuhus for BXE and Environmental Action

1 - Tom Pawlicki, FERC deference to pipeline operators seen contributing to overbuild, SNL, March 24, 2016
2 - Drew Hudson, I ran away and joined the FERC-us, Environmental Action Blog, May 29, 2015
3 - BXE, Filmmaker Josh Fox and six others arrested at pancake-cooking action at FERC, BXE Blog, March 24, 2016  
4 - Lee Stewart, Dunkin’ Democracy, BXE blog, April 13, 2016


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