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Check out the report-back on my recent trip to Florida to save Black Bears.

Hey Friend,

I just left Florida where I had the opportunity to address the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) on behalf of black bears. FWC held a hearing to discuss lifting a 20 year ban on bear hunting throughout the state. I was joined by other activists from amazing organizations including The Florida Humane Society, South Florida Wildlands Association and Conservancy of Southwest Florida.

In my remarks, which you can see in the video to the right, I debunked a hunter's claim that hunting bears in forests would send a signal to bears near suburbs not to mess with, "humans, the dominant critters." You can watch the whole bear hearing if you want (over 2 hours long) or just read my synopsis.

My comments were backed up by more than 23,000 letters from members like you, including over 1,000 current Florida residents, who oppose lifting the ban. FWC has promised to give those letters the attention they deserve. Thank you so much to all of you who took action. Please tell  your friends and family about my article so that we can keep more people informed about the fight for Florida's Black Bear.

Unfortunately, the FWC commissioners are pressing ahead with their plan to permit bear hunting. This is despite the fact that their own staff expert, Dr. Thomas Eason, Florida Director of Habitat and Species Conservation, admitted that, "hunting is not going to be the solution to bear conflicts." It's clear that their decision will be based on more trophies for hunters, not the safety of Florida's people and especially not its wildlife.

The FWC is trying to use recent bear conflicts as a scapegoat to allow the killing of this beautiful species. But despite the FWC's plans to move ahead, the fight for the survival of the Florida Black Bear is far from over. Please stay tuned as I will be keeping you informed about what the next step are to stunt the hunt.

For the bears,

Anthony and Environmental Action


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