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The NED Pipeline is on hold, and more than 1,400 people were arrested demanding we get big money (including polluter money) out of politics. The people are rising up! Join and support us at the Rubber Stamp Rebellion next month.


The people are rising up, no question about it. I just returned from six days in Washington, DC with thousands of people for the Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening actions where more than 1,400 people, me among them, were arrested calling for “money out, people in!"1 I arrived home to the news that Kinder Morgan has suspended it's terrible Northeast Direct pipeline project, that would have plowed through towns in PA, NY and MA with dangerous and unnecessary fracked gas infrastructure.2

I was arrested last Saturday as part of the climate-focused day of Democracy Spring (photo below). Close to 200 of us were arrested that day, and what was even better is that for the vast majority of those taking part, this was their first arrest. That’s what movement-building looks like: constantly growing, new people coming in and stepping up, young people giving leadership.
And that’s what we expect will take place less than a month from now during the Rubber Stamp Rebellion against FERC, fracking, fracking infrastructure and all new fossil fuel infrastructure.
Won’t you join us, either in DC or your home community, and support us with a much-needed donation?

Ted Glick in police custody at the US Capitol on April 16

There was a strong action at FERC during the Democracy Spring week. Three weeks after our successful Pancakes, Not Pipelines action with Josh Fox, Bethany Yarrow, Megan Holleran and Tim DeChristopher,3 we held a Dunkin’ Democracy action with several dozen early-morning-rising Democracy Spring activists in front of FERC.4
And just last week BXE’s Lee Stewart joined 350.org’s Matt Leonard and hundreds of activists online for a conversation about the importance of nonviolent civil resistance to the process of change.5
It is of the highest importance that we take action now to show the strength of our fossil fuel resistance. We are literally in the middle of the decisive decade. Either we make a rapid shift away from fossil fuels unstoppable within the next 2-3 years, or the odds of avoiding climate catastrophe become very small.
FERC is playing a huge role in the effort to shift from from coal to gas, viewing fracked gas as a supposed “bridge” to renewable fuels. But it’s not a bridge, it’s a gangplank, and FERC is pushing the world to the brink with its rubber stamping ways.
It’s time for the Rubber Stamp Rebellion! Join and support us by signing up and/or donating today.

Ted Glick for Beyond Extreme Energy and Environmental Action

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