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I wanted to make sure you saw this email from Lee at BXE. In the last few months, grassroots opposition has played a significant role in blocking or delaying 10 fracking infrastructure projects - including four just in the last month!* Beyond Extreme Energy has worked with frontline groups to stop a number of those pipelines and export terminals, and is the lead group fighting to stop them at their source: the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Now they need our support to stage their biggest, most exciting action yet -- called the Rubber Stamp Rebellion.

Lee will explain more detail below, but if you're ready to fight fracked gas infrastructure, take a second and sign here to support them.


* Ted Glick, 10 Fracking Infrastructure Projects Canceled or Delayed in the Last 24 Months, EcoWatch,  April 27, 2016

People of faith showed up at FERC last week to "protestify" against fracked gas pipeline permits. Next month, many more will return as part of the rubber stamp rebellion. Will you sign here to support us?


For the last 17 months, Beyond Extreme Energy has been interrupting the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) monthly meetings. These disruptions shine a huge spotlight on FERC's rubber stamping of fracked gas infrastructure. In February, for instance, Chairman Norman Bay was interviewed on Bloomberg Markets and had to respond to our actions when asked by a reporter.1

Last Thursday, four members of the faith community stood up at FERC to deliver a moral message to the commissioners. After Chairman Bay gaveled the meeting to order, Natalie Pien rose to her feet without invitation and began speaking.

“My name is Natalie Pien, a Unitarian Universalist from Leesburg, VA. Your approvals of fracked gas projects are morally, ethically and spiritually wrong! It is against my faith. The Unitarian Universalist 7th Principle is 'Respect for the interdependent web of life of which we are a part.' Your approvals are destroying the web. NO NEW PERMITS! FERC DOESN’T WORK!”2

As she spoke, security escorted her out. Sweeping opposition under the rug like that is what FERC is good at. Beyond Extreme Energy seeks to end FERC's permitting of fossil fuel infrastructure by bringing them into the light of day. Will you sign here to support our unceasing exposure of FERC?

In the last month alone, for example, not only did we disrupt FERC at their commission meeting, which you can read more about here, we also held two highly public actions to tell the story of FERC's corruption to the wider world. In one, we served pancakes to FERC employees to highlight the story of a family directly impacted by a FERC decision.3 In another, we highlighted how FERC is "Dunkin' Democracy" by receiving its funding from the industry they're supposed to regulate.4

The next big project we're working on is called the Rubber Stamp Rebellion. From May 15-22, not only will we be in DC using direct action to expose FERC, but we'll also be working with our friends and allies around the country to further other campaigns to bring an end to the fossil fuel empire

We wouldn't be able to create powerful actions like the Rubber Stamp Rebellion without your financial support. By signing here with Beyond Extreme Energy, you will be helping shine the light of public scrutiny into a dark place.


Lee Stewart for Beyond Extreme Energy and Environmental Action

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