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Thanks to everyone who signed to call on Jerry Brown to ban fracking in California, or donated to help bus people to the March for Real Climate Leadership.

Hey Friend,

I want to take this opportunity to report back to you on the March for Real Climate Leadership, which I attended in Oakland, California last weekend. There is only one word that I can use to describe what took place: WOW.  

Over 8,000 fractivists, dressed in blue and yellow, descended upon Jerry Brown's hometown of Oakland to demand that he start acting like a true climate leader by banning fracking. I heard amazing speeches from Californians throughout the state who have won victories to stop oil refineries, fracking wells and other polluters in their communities. I also heard about the many fights that are still ahead. But mostly the biggest message was this: If Jerry Brown wants to be considered a true climate leader, he better listen to his constituents who are calling on him to ban fracking now.

Like the People's Climate March, this march was led by frontline California communities and leaders who have been impacted the most by climate change events. We were also honored to be led by a delegation of native people from the Marshall Islands and Hawaii. One of the best parts for me though, was hearing about all of the people who took buses to Oakland.

Buses from Los Angeles left at 4:00 AM to be there and two buses full of San Diegans left at 2:00 AM. I was proud to represent Environmental Action and our members who helped us raise nearly $2,000 in one week to get fracktivists to Oakland. The organizers of the march were so thankful and so am I. So let me say again to all of you who chipped in, "Thank You, Thank You," I appreciate you so much. Please click on the image below to check out my quick wrap up of the march, and stay tuned for more footage coming at the end of the week.

As I said, the March for Real Climate Leadership may be over, but the real (environmental) action starts right now.

Thank you for helping to fracktivate,

Anthony for Environmental Action

PS If you would like to chip in to help fund the march, there's still time to do so by clicking here.


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