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It’s begun. A massive wave of actions to keep fossil fuels in the ground and Break Free from climate change and dirty energy is sweeping the globe. Already, there have been marches in the Philippines, Coal mines protested in the U.K., anti-fossil-fuel flotillas off the shore of Australia and last weekend in Philadelphia, a massive action outside an oil refinery.

I was there, in Philadelphia, with a lot of other friends to show solidarity, and deliver on our collective promise to shut down the engines of extreme energy extraction this month. Dozens of us chipped in to make this action possible, click here to see what it looked like and get the whole report in our blog.

Over the next six days, there are several more major actions planned across the US, and you can learn more about them all by signing here.

Lots more photos and video of the Philadelphia event in our blog post. Click here to check that out and then get ready for more amazing actions this week!

With gratitude,

Drew and the Break Free crew at Environmental Action


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