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Yesterday I joined a Beyond Extreme Energy conference call on fund-raising and agreed to write this letter.

I’m not part of the incredibly hard-working core group of BXE, but have known many of them since the 2013 ‘Walk for our Grandchildren’. Although not a grandmother myself, I’m deeply concerned about how grandchildren everywhere will be affected by climate disruption unless we get serious about addressing it.

I’ve stayed involved with BXE since it was founded in 2014. I’ve done all night jail support, and I’ve been involved with the actions at FERC. I’ve been part of soft blockades, passed out literature and mints, and along with my husband, been ‘escorted’ out of a monthly FERC Commissioners meeting when we had a chanting sit-in last year. My husband, Charlie, was one of the ten fasters last fall who went without any nourishment for eighteen days. By the end, he was walking like he had just had surgery.

My admiration for the organizers of the BXE Rubber Stamp Rebellion, starting this Sunday, May 15th, is enormous. And so is my belief in the necessity of both the mission and tactics of BXE. The immediate fund-raising goal is to raise $35,000 by the end of May, $10,000 is still needed.

You can make a donation here.

I hope that you can take a moment to consider your priorities, knowing that both your time and money represent them. No social change has occurred without the moral courage of people willing to take risks so that innocents will be spared. 

The thoughtfulness of the BXE core team as far as how money is used and how people are respected has to earn our support, in whatever way is possible.

Thank you so much, and I hope we can all be together next week, either in person in DC, as part of one of the local actions happening around the country, or in spirit.

With active hope for ‘team earth’,

Cathy Strickler
Harrisonburg, Va. for Beyond Extreme Energy and Envrionmental Action


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