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Click here to add your bad reviews for Senator Inhofe's science fiction book, "The Greatest Hoax" and help shut down this literary travesty. 


It was only recently that I decided to actually read Senator Inhofe's obtuse opus on climate change, "The Greatest Hoax." So I prepared myself for what was sure to get my blood boiling by attending a yoga class before heading to my local Barnes and Noble to pollute my mind with Inhofe's poisonous prose. I arrived at the store and asked the attendant where I could find the book and she directed me to, get this, THE SCIENCE and NATURE Section.

When I couldn't locate the book, I asked the attendant for help. After some research, she informed me that Inhofe's book had been deemed impossible to sell in New York because it has received so many bad reviews in the NYC market. So that got me thinking: What if this could be replicated across the nation? This is where you come in: Will you help me flood Barnes and Noble's website with bad reviews on Inhofe's fable, so we can keep this piece of science fiction out of all of their bookstores.

Inhofe has pulled out all kinds of loony accusations for who is responsible for the "climate change hoax." He even called out Barbra Streisand as the "hoax's" primary architect.* Ms. Streisand may be a funny girl, but even she wouldn't be able to laugh at Inhofe's wild and loony conclusions.

We already know that Inhofe is a pretty bad Senator. Now he has shown he 's a rather bad writer as well; that is, unless you enjoy trashy science fiction. With your help we can shut down his book once and for all and find a better use for the paper and ink used to produce it. Please add your voice and tell Barnes and Noble that we are not buying what Inhofe is selling, so we can de-shelve this book in stores coast to coast.

Thank you for taking (Environmental) Action,

Anthony and Team Environmental Action

* Blades, Meteor: At Copenhagen climate talks, James Inhofe said Barbra Streisand was behind global warming 'hoax.' Daily Kos, December 2, 2014.

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