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Breaking: construction has begun on the Dakota Access pipeline which would carry Bakken crude oil 1,150 miles from North Dakota to Illinois. Members of the Standing Rock Tribe have formed a human wall of prayer in opposition, but they urgently need $1,000 to keep this action going. Click here to donate and stand with the Standing Rock tribe as they block another extreme oil pipeline.


Two weeks ago, we celebrated Break Free, a series of global synchronized events to stand up to the tyranny of the Fossil Fuel Empire. But Break Free cannot be limited to one week, one day or one location. We have to Break Free everyday and anytime and everywhere the specter of Big Oil tyranny rears its head.

That's what's happening right now in North Dakota. Fossil Fuel giant Dakota Access has begun construction of the 1,150 mile Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) that would carry dirty bakken oil from North Dakota to Illinois, through the heart of sovereign Tribal lands. Construction is underway despite the fact that the Army Corps of Engineers has not issued all the necessary permits, including those that consider environmental and cultural damages -- and lawmakers are refusing to stop it.1 In response to this illegal activity, members of the Standing Rock Tribe have formed a human wall of prayer directly in the pathway of DAPL.2

These brave sisters and brothers need our help right now to monitor construction and ensure the safety of those putting themselves in harms way. They need to purchase a boat to cross a waterway between their Sacred Stone Camp and the construction site, and they're just $1,000 short of their goal. Will you chip in $20 dollars or more and stand with the Standing Rock Tribe?

The great Angela Davis recently said, "It's important to identify grassroots activism as being the most important ingredient of building radical movements."3 Our friends from the Standing Rock Tribe perfectly vindicate Ms. Davis' words. Fossil Fuels are a radical system, and the only way to stop it is with radical action -- which is exactly what the Standing Rock are doing.

There are no people in the United States who know or have experienced oppression, genocide and tyranny more than Indigenous First Citizens. The Fossil Fuel industry continues to exacerbate this truth by breaking treaties and circumventing due process. Pipelines like DAPL cause permanent harm to cultures and ways of living that have existed long before the first oil well was drilled, and long before this country even existed. That's why the Standing Rock are in the fight of their lives. The $1,000 we can contribute towards their boat and other supplies is nothing compared to what they are fighting for, but it's a necessary start.

Please chip in whatever you can to help the original climate activists reach their goal and continue their fight against illegal fossil fuel oppression.

Thanks for standing with the Standing Rock Tribe,

Anthony for Environmental Action 

1.  Morelli, B.A. Regulators Won't Penalize Bakken Pipeline Developers for Early Construction. The Gazette. May 3, 2016.

2.  Indigenous Rising: Human Shield of Prayer in Front of Dakota Access Pipeline Construction! Indigenous Environmental Network. May 24, 2016.

3.  Davis, Angela Y. Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine and the Foundation of a Movement. Haymarket Books. May 2016.


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