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WATCH: We delivered 95,000+ signatures demanding a national ban on fracking to the DNC platform Committee!


With both the presidential primaries winding down, both the DNC and GOP are developing their party platforms ahead of their respective conventions in July. The platforms are supposed to define a sort of consensus positions for each party's candidates during the general election season. A sort of short list of what it means to be a Democrat or Republican in 2016.

That's why members of Environmental Action, along with our friends Climate Hawks Vote, Honor the Earth, Food & Water Watch, MoveOn and 350.org amassed over 95,000 signatures demanding that both parties include a national ban on fracking as part of their platforms (Click here to sign on if you haven't already).

This week, we headed to the first meeting of the DNC Platform committee in Washington, D.C., to deliver your signatures and have our voices heard. Check it all out in my report back blog post!

Our coalition presented a wide array of reasons to support a national fracking ban immediately. Honor the Earth National Campaigns Director, Tara Houska, discussed the fact that fracking poisons sovereign Tribal lands and waters, and impacts the health of Native Americans as well as their culture and way of life. Emily Wurth, Water Program Director with Food & Water Watch, called for the DNC to stand with the people not the fossil fuel industry. And Brad Johnson, Executive Director of Climate Hawks Vote, discussed the need to include a litmus test for politicians who want to be considered climate champion —  in short, climate champions don’t frack.

We also previewed a coming collision between fracktivists and the DNC at this Summer's March for a Clean Energy Revolution. We're part of a big, diverse coalition calling on both major parties to ban fracking and turn towards a greener energy future. You can read more about it, and check out photos, video and my summation from outside and inside the DNC platform meeting in the blog.


Anthony and the Environmental Acton "Get the Frack Out" Committee


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