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Please chip in to help our friends in Long Beach, NY send personal stories to Governors Christie and Cuomo and block a giant Fracked Gas facility from being operated off their coasts.

Dear Friend,

The poet Ron Padgett once said, "It's not easy writing someone a postcard. The size and shape of the card cut you down to size..." With all due respect to Mr. Padgett, I've met some activists in Long Beach, NY who beg to differ.

This past week my friends at All Our Energy started writing postcards to Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie urging them to veto the proposed Port Ambrose LNG Import facility. They believe in this so much that they have been covering the expenses to design the postcards, print petitions and mail them out using personal money. We're used to fighting fracking and Big Oil on a tight budget, but that's no reason  not to lend a hand. Can you chip in $5, $10, $25 or more to help them send the message that Port Ambrose fracked gas is Dead in the Water?

I have had the pleasure to work with the all-volunteer group All Our Energy on a few occasions. They are some of the most passionate  fractivists you will ever find and are in a fight for their lives. 

The Port Ambrose fracked gas facility would be located off the coast of Long Island, and the first industrial project built in the region since 2001. It would wreak havoc on the livelihood of fisherman, devastate recreational activities, create navigational hazards in one of the busiest ports and present a national security risk if the volatile LNG it stored were targeted because it's so close to major airports and landmarks - like the Statue of Liberty. To add insult to injury, it would block an area previously proposed for a wind farm that 90 percent of Long Island residents support 1.

Worst of all, the facility would increase fracking in nearby states like Maryland and Pennsylvania, whose governors are less enlightened and still allow this poisonous practice. The people of New York and New Jersey are sending out an SOS about LNG to Governors Christie and Cuomo. Can you please chip in to help  send personal stories by postcard to the governors and other elected officials?

The folks from Long Beach and other coastal communities in Long Island and New Jersey are really not asking for much. They simply don't want to risk their livelihoods, their safety or compromise the safety of neighboring states. They hope that by sending in personal messages about how Port Ambrose will affect them, both governors can be persuaded to do the right thing. So please chip in to help them send their messages and let's shut this frack friendly facility down for good.  

Let's show our friends in Long Beach what (environmental) action looks like.

Thank you so much,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Frack Fighters

1. Sane Energy Project, Port Ambrose LNG.