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The Montrose 9, including our friend Kim, risked their safety and freedom to stop a volatile fracked gas pipeline from running right next to the Indian Point nuclear power plant. Chip in $15 or more right here to stand with them.


Fracking threatens our water, using 5.1 million gallons per well,1 our health, using chemicals that cause cancer and threaten our reproductive health,2 and our climate, because methane gas is more potent than carbon dioxide and makes up 25 percent of global warming pollution.3 Which is not to mention the fact that fracking disproportionately impacts communities of color, including Native Americans, since these operations are more likely to be placed in their neighborhoods, even near schools.4

This perilous process represents a profound cases of environmental racism and injustice. And we must plead, disrupt and stand our ground if we are ever going to emancipate ourselves from the tyranny of the fossil fuel empire.

Fortunately, there are amazing climate warriors doing just that. Our friends, including Sane Energy Project Co-Director Kim Fraczek, put their safety, bodies and freedom on the line to block construction of the Spectra Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) natural gas pipeline in New York. AIM is a massive gas pipeline that would run about 100 feet from Indian Point -- a faulty nuclear power plant with a history of leaks and safety concerns.

That's why Gov. Cuomo, NY Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and dozens of others are opposed to the AIM pipeline. But none of that is stopping Spectra and the rubber-stamp federal regulators at FERC from plowing ahead with this dangerous project -- Only Kim, the Montrose 9, and other brave front line pipeline fighters are doing the real work that stops the pipeline. Kim and the other front line organizers need our support to continue their awesome work. Will you chip in $25 or more to stand with them?

When I asked Kim why this work is necessary, she did not hesitate, explaining "Spectra Energy is destroying our democracy, our homes, our water and our air in order to turn a private profit. Spectra is preventing a renewable economy from growing leadership and workforce in our nation, and they are duping the public and their shareholders that they are profitable. They use loopholes to get away with illegal activity, and we are going to use them as an example to shine the light on FERC, who is a corrupt, revolving door with the gas industry it's supposed to regulate. If the regulatory and legislative process is not going to protect us, we must stand in the way of their destruction to protect the NYC Metropolitan area of 20 million people and countless species. We know we are on the right side of history to help sustain life on this small planet that is quickly declining with the climate crisis." Now that's what I call a call to action.

The great author Wendell Berry wrote, "At present, too ignorant to know how ignorant we are, we believe that we are free to impose our will upon the land with the utmost power and speed to gain the largest profit in the shortest time, and we believe that there are no penalties for this." While he does not say it specifically, there can be no argument that the extreme process known as fracking fits his description. But to protect the land, the people and the planet from companies like Spectra, we need to stand with our friends on the front lines. Please click here to donate whatever you can to support our friends fighting the AIM pipeline.

Onward Together,

Anthony for Environmental Action 

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