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The latest: the DNC platform committee held a series of votes on fracking, climate change and other issue you told BOTH parties to prioritize. It was close, but we didn't win it all this round. Check out Anthony's blog post for more on how the DNC is responding to your signature.


The Democratic National Committee (DNC) platform drafting committee recently voted on a series of #ActOnClimate amendments to the party's platform. They talked about a tax on global warming pollution, banning fracking, keeping fossil fuels in the ground, eliminating eminent domain for fossil fuel pipelines and more.

But a surprising thing happened when the drafting committee voted on a document intended to represent party unity and define what it means to be a Democrat in 2016: the votes split 7-6 against specific action on climate change almost every time.

Click here to read Anthony's full report, and then share this news with your network online - the next votes are in just a few days, and we need everyone to rally with our movement now.

To review the rules: Secretary Clinton appointed seven members to the drafting committee, Senator Sanders appointed five and the remaining four were selected by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the DNC. These 16 Democrats are supposed to write the first draft of the platform, which will then be reviewed by more than 180 State Platform delegates, and eventually the entire Convention in Philadelphia.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has so far only asked energy lobbyists and industry insiders to help them draft their platform, so we're still waiting for a moment to deliver your message to Republicans.

Last Friday, as the DNC drafting committee settled in to vote on a series of amendments about climate change, the back and forth was electric. Click here to read all about it and see a video of the whole exchange in our blog.

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