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WE DID IT! With your help, we were able put our ads RIGHT OUTSIDE the Department of Interior building in Washington, DC, showing them that we are not horsing around: they need to protect America's Wild Horses! And well, it's good timing because Congress is scheduled to vote next week on the budget for the Interior Department, which manages the lands where these horses roam. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management favors oil and gas development over all other uses of public lands and doesn't ensure environmental protections for these areas.1

Ninety percent of the public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management are open to open to oil, gas or mineral leasing, even in areas with little or no potential for developing these resources. That decision to put private profit ahead of protecting wildlife and recreation encourages speculative leasing and makes it harder for wide-ranging wild species like horses, wolves, and other critters to survive on federal land.2

The BLM roundups have set a very dangerous precedent that puts the fate of wild horses in the hands of ranchers, miners, oil drillers and anyone who can make a buck by removing wildlife from our public lands. Sign and share this important action on social media (if you haven't already) to protect America's Wild Horses and Burros.

Thanks for taking action,

Sally and the Wild Horse Saving Crew at Environmental Action

1. Fenton, James. Report: BLM favors oil and gas on public lands. Farmington Daily Times. June 28, 2016.

2. Fixing The BLM’S Indiscriminate Energy Leasing. The WIlderness Society. June 28, 2016.


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