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Thank You for helping to send Governors Christie and Cuomo an SOS about LNG.

Dear Friend,

It may sound crazy to you, but today is one of the warmest days during this very chilly winter in the northeast. Despite what the thermometers say, I'm burning up -- With gratitude and it's all because of you.

Last week I told you about friends our friends at All Our Energy who are sending postcards to Governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo, urging them to veto the proposed Port Ambrose LNG Import facility. I told them that Environmental Action members always help to fight the good fights, and boy did you come through. Within 24 hours you helped us bust our goal of $1,000, and showed the Long Beach, NY fracktivists that we've got their back BIG TIME!  

Thanks to you, both governors will receive thousands of postcards, and our allies will be able to meet with both governors inTrenton and Albany to tell them that when it comes to LNG, "Let's Not Go There."

I don't and can't say it enough, thank you so much for your support and generosity; it truly is an inspiration.

When I told the folks at All Our Energy the news of your support they were beyond grateful. While they know the fight to protect our coasts and communities from the dangers of fracked gas is just beginning, they are committed to the long haul necessary for victory. Your donation will do more than you know to help them in their fight.

The people of New York and New Jersey are sending out an SOS about LNG to Governors Christie and Cuomo; and YOU are making this possible.

Stay tuned for more updates over the next few months about the fight to keep the Port Ambrose LNG import facility dead in the water. But for now, know that you have given the folks at All Our Energy some much needed ammunition and I am so grateful. 

Thank you so much,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Frack Fighters