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Don't panic, it wasn't that kind of bang: After an amazing week of action all over the country, we won a big victory in Baltimore (your author's home town), when Houston Big Oil pusher Targa Resources withdrew plans to ship volatile crude oil on so-called "Bomb Trains" through to the port.

It was a great way to wrap up the #StopOilTrains week of action that so many Environmental Action members have shown up or chipped in to support. Click here to see the report (including lots more photos and video from events) in our blog.

Our goal for the week was to raise awareness about the bomb trains -- shipments of crude oil and other fossil fuels by rail through United States and Canada. While some events were overshadowed by the bloody violence in Texas, Louisiana and Minnesota -- many more went forward as planned and delivered real results.

Our hashtag dominated Twitter on July 6, the anniversary of an oil train derailment and explosion in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, that killed 47 people. The Pacific Northwest has dominated headlines since a derailment in Oregon ignited a blaze that one of the first responders told Oregon Public Broadcasting "looked like the apocalypse."

But Bomb Trains run all across the United States, including through Houston, Chicago’s South Side and Philadelphia, where people of color are the majority. That’s why, our movement came together for the 3rd annual #StopOilTrains week of action — hosting dozens of events from coast to coast that showed the risk, called attention to the issues and demanded action. Check it all out in the blog and join us in demanding President Obama ban shipments of crude oil by rail!


Drew and the Ban the Bomb Trains Crew at Environmental Action




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