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Update: The Senate is considering a bill to expedite fracked gas exports and shut activists like you out of the process.


Last month, the House passed HR 351, The LNG Permitting and Transparency Act. The bill is now being considered in the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources as Senate Bill 33 (S.33).

If approved, this bill would force the Department of Energy (DOE) to issue a final decision on LNG facilities within 30 days after agencies give them the green-light. This sets up a dangerous precedent, because it would essentially remove a system of checks and balances in which DOE is given ample time to determine if they agree that fracked gas exports are in the best interest of our planet. Basically, the bill gives Big Oil and frack hungry industries a green light to be granted quick approval of their climate killing projects. You haven't spoken out against this LNG fast-track madness yet. Can you sign on here?

To make matters worse, the bill would streamline legal challenges for every proposed LNG facility. This would prevent groups, like our friends, who are still fighting to shut down the Cove Point LNG Export facility, from using the courts to stop these facilities from putting communities at risk by poisoning their air, land and water.

And, like a recent Boston area weather report, the news gets worse. S.33 has just picked up a new co-sponsor, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA). Senator Warner, joins two other senators, Micahel Bennet (D-CO) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) that make up the Nimrod 9 who recently voted "yea" on the Keystone XL bill, is said to be trying to get even more support for this bill before it gets to the senate floor. He's already convinced his fellow Virginian, Senator Tom Kaine, to co-sponsor this bill and there's no telling who else he is lobbying.1 We have no time to lose if we're going to block this legislation of lunacy.

Over 22,000 members like you have already taken action to halt LNG fast track legislation. But if we are going to derail this bill for good, we are going to need your help to tell even more fracktivists to, in the words of Peter Tosh, Stop that Train. Can you please tell your friends, family, neighbors and others to derail fast track LNG legislation before it takes our country off-track?

Let's render the high speed LNG legislation train out of service for good.

Thanks for taking action,

Anthony and the Environmental Action team

1. govtrack.us, S.33 LNG Permitting Certainty and Transparency Act.


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