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I'm sure that (like me) you've gotten a million emails about the KeystoneXL pipeline. That's a good thing, because we're celebrating today! But I'll keep our update short, and mostly let Anthony do the talking in his live report from the steps of Capitol Hill.

Since the video is a little windy though, let me just add three points:

  1. President Obama didn't hesitate, he vetoed the KXL bill within hours of Congress (finally) sending it to him. That's a show of resolve that would never have happened without our movement organizing. We all deserve to feel proud today.
  2. Mitch McConnell immediately promised an override vote by early next week.1 When we started our petition eight weeks ago, people said we were crazy to worry about the override. But McConnell's quick turnaround and Obama's decision to cite only administrative rules -- not his own climate test, the dangers of a spill, or treaty agreements with impacted tribes -- indicate that we've got more to fight here. This is a victory, but Keystone is still kicking.
  3. So if you haven't already, please chip in to support the last week of this campaign. We're holding fast at four votes from an override in the Senate, and this is the last week we have to deliver your letters. I need your help to make that happen.

Thanks again for taking action,

Drew Hudson, Director, and the whole team at Environmental Action

1 - Elana Schor,  President Obama vetoes Keystone bill; GOP plans override vote, Politico, 2/24/15


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