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Please chip in to help fractivists get to Albany next month for a rally asking Governor Andrew Cuomo to veto fracked gas imports in New York.


You've probably seen at least one zombie movie in your lifetime where they keep coming back to life again and again. Well, New York is fighting a similar battle as we speak. Even though Governor Andrew Cuomo took an historic step by banning fracking in the state1, like a zombie, fracked gas is trying to make a comeback in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

That's why a coalition of fracktivists are planning a trip to Albany so we can demand that Governor Cuomo veto a proposed LNG import project off the coast of Long Island. We will be holding a rally at the State Capital so that the Governor and elected officials throughout the state see that our coalition means business, and the more people that attend the louder the message.

Can you please chip in $30 or more to help bus fracktivists to the rally?

  • $30 buys a seat on a passenger bus for one fracktivist;
  • $500 rents a passenger van for 10 people;
  • $2,000 rents a 57 seat bus, so we can bring hundreds of fracktivists on the trip.

The Port Ambrose fracked gas facility would be located off the coast of Long Island, and would be the first industrial project built in the region in 14 years. It would wreak havoc on the livelihood of fisherman, devastate recreational activities, create navigational hazards in one of the busiest ports and present a national security risk because it would located near major airports and landmarks - like the Statue of Liberty. To add insult to injury, it would block an area previously proposed for a wind farm that 90 percent of Long Island residents support.2

Worst of all, the facility would increase fracking in nearby states like Maryland and Pennsylvania, whose governors have not seen the light and still allow this poisonous practice. You get the picture, like a zombie, Port Ambrose would infect New York and nearby states until we're all afflicted. We can't allow this to happen. Can you please chip in to help send fracktivists to Albany and kill the fracking zombie once and for all?

I was very proud to be a New Yorker when the governor banned fracking. And to paraphrase a somewhat famous song, "If fracking can't make it here, it can't make it anywhere." With your help we can make sure that Governor Cuomo gets this message and vetos this dangerous facility.

Please click here to chip in $5, $30, or $500 to help get fracktivists to Albany.

With your help we can leave this facility exactly where it belongs, Dead in the Water.

Thank you for fueling the bus to victory with us,

Anthony for Environmental Action

1. Kaplan, Thomas. Citing Health Risks, Cuomo Bans Fracking in New York State. New York Times, December 17, 2014.

2. Viaggio, Chris. Bad Gas, Goldfeder to Cuomo: Veto Proposed LNG. The Wave, December 29, 2014.


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