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We're getting ready to stop the Keystone Pipeline again in January. And this time, President Obama is our only hope. Donate now so we can send the message that vetoing the Keystone XL bill is the President's only option.


A few weeks ago, we did an amazing thing. Despite taking heavy losses in the midterm elections, we rallied enough climate hawks and pipeline fighters in the U.S. Senate to defeat a bill that would have rammed the Keystone XL oil pipeline straight through America’s heartland.

Over 1,000 of us called our Senators. Dozens more sat in with tribal leaders, students and other allies at the Capital hill offices of turncoat Democrats Tom Carper and Michael Bennet. But the fight isn’t over yet.

Republican leaders have already promised to bring the Keystone Pipeline back up for a vote in January.* And when they do, we might not have enough votes in the Senate to stop them. Without the 41 votes we had in November, it will be up to the President to veto the Keystone bill next time - something he's never done before, and almost, but not quite promised to do in the future.

It's up to us to make sure President Obama knows that a veto is the only option. If we’re going to win this fight, and keep the dirtiest oil on earth under the ground where it belongs, we need to get ready NOW.
Your donation can make the difference:

  • $25 pays for an hour of calls from activists like you to the White House, the Senate and other elected leaders who need to hear from us.
  • $50 covers the bus fare for 5 people to bring together activists from DC, New York, and other communities, so we can recreate the impact of the People’s Climate March at the White House, or wherever Obama goes.
  • $500 flies in a leader from Nebraska, the Dakotas, or a sovereign tribe - since we’ve seen time and again that they’re our most powerful spokespeople against the pipeline.

You’ve been there for us all year - donating to help us bring Cowboys and Indians to the nation’s capitol in April for the reject and protect rally. You’ve chipped in to help us bring dozens of buses to the People’s Climate March in September for the largest climate march in history. And I know you’ve done so much more.

Now we need your help again. President Obama came closer to saying “No” to Keystone in November than he ever has. But he’s not there yet. Worse, when disingenuous politicians like Mary Landrieu took to the floor of the Senate floor to demand the pipeline be built - they were still citing the flawed and corrupt study that John Kerry’s State Department has been reviewing for the last few months.

To say #NoKXL, and prevent lighting the fuse on a carbon bomb that could blow up our climate we need the president to act. Can you chip in to make sure we can stop this pipeline?

Thanks for being a pipeline fighter,

Drew Hudson, Director, and the team at Environmental Action

* Daniel Doherty, McConnell: If We Don't Reach 60 Votes on Keystone Tonight, We'll Pass it Next Year, Town Hall, Nov 18, 2014


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