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I'm not sure if you're keeping up on Washington, D.C., weather, but it's warm today and all the snow is melting.1 I'd like to think that the unseasonably warm temperatures will convince James Inhofe and other Congressional climate deniers to drop the act, and admit that climate change is real and caused by humans. But we've got a more urgent problem:

All this global warming is melting the snow we need to send your message to Sen. Inhofe and his pals!
Can you chip in $5 to help us spring into action, and save some snow to deliver your (and many others') message that climate change is a real and urgent problem, no matter what the weather?

James Inhofe tossed a snowball on the floor of the U.S. Senate during a February snowstorm as "proof" that climate change isn't happening. So the next time a big snowstorm hit D.C., we asked you to sign on and send a snowball message to Sen. Inhofe that climate change is real, caused by humans, and demands urgent action. Thousands of Environmental Action members, including you have responded, which is great.

But here's the big difference between the weather and the climate: The climate is heating up, which is causing more frequent and dramatic shifts in our weather -- including today's big warm up. Lots of folks in D.C. are excited to see the snow melt, but if we want to follow through on our plan to deliver our pro-climate messages via snowball, we need to act fast.

Some wonderful volunteers have offered to get out there, gather what snow is left in D.C. and store it in their freezers for a few days so we can deliver it (and your message) to Senator Inhofe next week. But we need to put together some cash for coolers, ice packs, and food coloring to pull off the plan. Can you chip in to help?

  • $5 buys food coloring to write the messages on snowballs
  • $10 buys a metro card to get our volunteers to the shady parks and cool glens of DC's parks where there's still snow.
  • $50 buys a cooler to haul the snowballs for your message from nearby parks, to a neighbor's freezer for a few days, so we can deliver the messages as promised.


Drew and the climate-cooler response team

1 - Capitol live cam


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