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Deadline Monday: Tell the Coast Guard and Maritime Administration to kill the Port Ambrose permit, before fracked gas leaves New York dead in the water.


A lot of you have already heard about Port Ambrose, the fracked gas facility proposed just off the coast of Long Island, New York. In fact, supporters like you have already helped raise nearly $5,000 to help stop this climate killer, and all of us in New York could not be more thankful.  Now I am asking you to do what you do best: Sound Off. Will you please submit a comment to U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) and the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) to let them know why the Port Ambrose environmental review doesn't hold water?

There are so many things wrong with the review of this project that one comment may not be enough (no worries, just tell your friends to add their voices as well). You could comment on the fact that the project would potentially poison endangered fish species, or that it would decimate the local fishing industry. You could mention that it would create a safety hazard next to major populated areas. Or you might elude to the fact that the environmental review does not consider Latinos to be people of color. No matter your reason, your comment will add wind to the sails of local opposition to this coastal catastrophe. And speaking wind, you may want to comment on the fact that this project would be constructed in place of a proposed wind farm.1

Click here to tell MARAD and USCG that their analysis of Port Ambrose has more holes in it than the ozone layer.

Port Ambrose is being pushed by Liberty Natural Gas; a surreptitious corporation owned by nameless backers who can only be identified by their Cayman Islands bank account.2 If the backers of this project are hiding their indentity it makes you wonder what else they are hiding.

Maybe they want to hide:

  • The fact that while they are proposing Port Ambrose here in the U.S., they are also proposing another LNG Import project in the United Kingdom (UK).
  • That Port Ambrose is proposed to be an LNG import facility on paper, but the numbers just don't add up. And the company proposing the project is fighting for faster exports of LNG, especially to the UK where it sells at a higher price. That makes Port Ambrose look more like an export-project-in-waiting.
  • Wherever the fracked gas goes, it will come from the Marcellus shale fields, and increase the dangerous practice of fracking in states like Maryland and Pennsylvania.
  • Or maybe they're afraid that you'll realize all that leaky fracking, transportation and liquefaction will result in a dramatic surge in climate disrupting emissions - especially methane - which is in direct conflict with the President's stated goals of fighting climate change (the USCG and MARAD word for Obama by the way).

Maybe it's all just one big coincidence, but while I may have been born yesterday, I stayed up all night.

Unfortunately, the current Port Ambrose environmental analysis does not answer or address any of those questions. It is our responsibility as citizens to protect our land, climate and ocean. We cannot allow our government to fork them over to an invisible corporation with ulterior motives. That's why I am asking you to send a comment to MARAD and USCG to demand more answers and more transparency.

Thank You for taking action,

Anthony for Environmental Action

1. Viaggio, Chris. Bad Gas, Goldfeder to Cuomo: Veto Proposed LNG. The Wave, December 29, 2014.

2. Sane Energy Project: Port Ambrose LNG Import Project.


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