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Can you donate one minute of your social media account to help us stop the Port Ambrose fracked gas facility?


Monday is the last day to submit a comment that could stop the Port Ambrose fracked gas facility in New York. You've already sent your message to the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) and the Maritime Administration (MARAD) -- thanks! But we need more than a bunch of emails and letters to keep this project dead in the water.

I've got a plan to make sure our messages get the attention they deserve. You might say we're going to make lightning strike to stop this offshore facility -- but I need your help to send a Thunderclap across the internet. Here's how it works:

Thunderclap is a way to build power on social media. You use the Thunderclap between now and Monday morning to schedule a message on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr. Nobody will be able to access your contacts or personal info, but Thunderclap will deliver all our messages at the same time, flooding our collective social networks with messages telling MARAD and USCG to stop Port Ambrose.

Click here to learn more and get started.

Port Ambrose is an offshore facility for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) proposed for construction in New York. Two buoys would be tethered to the ocean floor and connect ships to a proposed undersea pipeline that would deliver fracked gas into existing infrastructure on Long Island. Not only would dredging for the pipeline could create environmental harm -- potentially releasing a now-settled layer of toxins that had been dumped decades ago -- the tethers would continually scrape the ocean floor, preventing the marine ecosystem in that area from recovering.1

On top of all the damage from the facility itself, Port Ambrose will only serve to deliver fracked gas from the shale fields of Pennsylvania, Maryland and other nearby states. That fracking is already contaminating drinking water, clearing forests and farmland, and releasing global warming pollution into the atmosphere. Adding a massive import/export terminal to the coast of New York will only make those impacts worse.

Thousands of us have already sent in comments opposing Port Ambrose. But MARAD and the USCG won't start reading them until Monday. When they do, we want to make sure they know that a huge group of us are opposed to this facility. That's where Thunderclap comes in. By linking up all our social media accounts to blast a message at the same time on Monday, we'll send a thunderclap over Long Island that the regulators and politicians cannot ignore. And then, just to make sure they got the message, we'll rally on the steps of New York's city hall and deliver your message.

It all starts with you, and YOUR social network: click here to join the thunderclap, and help us keep this climate and ocean killing project dead in the water.

Let's show them that (environmental) action is louder than the sound of distant thunder,

Anthony for Environmental Action

1. Sane Energy Project: Port Ambrose LNG Import Project.


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