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Breaking: Governor Rick Scott's administration punished a state employee and seems to question his mental health for using the phrase "climate change." Click here to tell Rick Scott that climate censorship is way crazier than trying to protect Florida's citizens.


I just wanted to make sure that you saw my email from last week about Governor Rick Scott's climate censorship in Florida. Last week, reports emerged that the governor banned the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and other state agencies from using phrases like "climate change" and "global warming" in official documents. But it gets worse--Rick Scott's administration has now reportedly dismissed an employee for using these phrases and ordered that he be mentally screened before returning to work.

Yesterday, it was reported that Barton Bibler, a longtime employee of the FDEP, received a letter of reprimand and was ordered to take two days leave and not to return until he had "medical clearance of his fitnesss for duty" because he used the phrase "climate change" at an official meeting and kept notes on the subject.1 All I can say is WOW: This makes George Orwell's 1984 look like a Disney movie. 

Tomorrow, Environmental Action is partnering with other environmental groups, concerned citizens and students to deliver a petition to the FDEP Inspector General demanding an investigation into Rick Scott's Thought Police. Over 10,000 members like you have already taken action. Please add your name to the list and we will deliver it to the FDEP tomorrow. 

Ironically, this is Sunshine Week in Florida, a week dedicated to government accountability and transparency. I can't think of a better week to demand answers about the dangerous practice of climate censorship.

Mr. Bibler is not crazy for taking the harmful effects of climate change seriously. He's not even a hero--he is simply trying to do his job and Rick Scott is not only preventing him from doing so, he's disciplining him. And when you consider the 2014 National Climate Assessment which indicates that Florida is uniquely vulnerable to rising sea levels and under imminent threat of increased inland flooding due to climate change, it begs the question: What's crazier, trying to protect people from flooding or denying and censoring science?

That's why I am asking you to tell Rick Scott that when it comes to climate disruption, ignorance is not strength, it's just plain lunacy. Please add your name immediately so we can cut the red tape of climate censorship.

Let's keep Florida above water and bring some light to the Sunshine State.

Thank You,

Anthony and the Climate Censorship Busters

1. Klienberg, Eliot. Employees group: Florida environmental manager was punished for "uttering" climate change. Palm Beach Post. March 18, 2015.

PS You can check out my email from last week below.

Governor Rick Scott is taking climate denial to a new level. Click here to save Florida from his climate censorship and demand an investigation into his banning the phrases "climate change" and "global warming" at important agencies.


One of my favorite books growing up was George Orwell's 1984. A scary story for sure, but I always thought of it more of a warning than a prophecy. Well, Florida Governor Rick Scott has just proven George Orwell right and set a dangerous precedent for the Sunshine State. Last week reports emerged that the governor issued orders banning the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and other state departments from using phrases like "climate change" and "global warming" in public documents and other communications.

Climate denying lawmakers are bad enough. But, Rick Scott has gone too far this time with his climate censorship. That's why we are teaming up with our friends Forecast The Facts to demand that the Inspector General of FDEP launch an investigation into the governor's take on Newspeak. Click here to add your name to the chorus of concerned citizens demanding answers for Rick Scott's climate censorship.

Rick Scott's actions represent a new era of climate denial and it could cost Floridians their property, their safety or even their lives. This is especially true because according to the 2014 National Climate Assessment, Florida is uniquely vulnerable to rising sea levels and under imminent threat of increased inland flooding due to climate change.2

Even Secretary of State John Kerry, whose chief responsibility is to deal with international affairs, felt compelled to chime in on this fiasco. While addressing the Atlantic Council, the Secretary remarked, "Literally a couple of days ago, I read about some state officials who are actually trying to ban the use of the term climate change in public documents because they are not willing to face the facts. We literally do not have time to waste debating whether we can say climate change."3

Governor Scott's primary responsibility is the safety and security of the people of Florida. His reckless refusal to accept reality puts both at risk, and we deserve to know why before lives and our climate are put at risk.Click here and tell the Inspector General to launch an immediate investigation into why Governor Scott put the interests of polluters ahead of the safety of Florida's citizens.

Thank You for taking action,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Brotherhood

1. Terkel, Amanda. Ban on 'Climate Change' Widespread Across Florida Government Under Rick Scott. Huffington Post. March 12, 2015.

2. National Climate Assessment, U.S. Global Change Research Program. 2014 National Report/Southeast Region.

3. Cama, Timothy. Kerry mocks Florida's reported ban on 'Climate Change.' The Hill. March 12, 2015.


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