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I'm just back from D.C., where I helped deliver more than 400,000 comments (including yours!) opposing the President's ill-conceived plan to open the Atlantic coast to oil drilling for the first time in decades.

The event was a big success, and staff who accepted the comments at the Department of Interior were impressed by the size of public response. But it could still be months before the plan is finalized and we know whether beaches from Maine to Miami are safe or not. That's why we've teamed up with partners from Southeastern Coastal states, national ocean protection groups, and energy experts to put together a live online briefing tomorrow night.

RSVP here to join us on Wednesday Night, April 1 (no kidding!), at 8pm ET/5pm PT for a live video chat and Q&A session with allies leading the fight to stop drilling off the South Atlantic Coast.

Yes, I'll be there!

Sorry, I can't make it. But I'll chip in $5 to keep the fight going.

The initial comment period may be over, but our fight to save the Atlantic from reckless drilling that's built to spill is just beginning. Tune in tomorrow night with me and allies from Environment North Carolina, Oceana, Oil Change and YOU!

We’ll discuss:

  1. The big delivery at the Department of Interior of over 400,000 messages opposing Atlantic Drilling.
  2. Local opposition in states like North Carolina, which could be devastated by an oil spill or an accident if this plan is allowed to proceed unchanged.
  3. How the White House’s “all of the above” energy plan created this bad idea, and supports extraction of extreme energy we can’t afford to burn from all over the world.

Tune in with us tomorrow night, April first at 8pm ET/5pm PT for a live video chat and Q&A session.

Or if you can't make it chip in $5 to keep the fight going and we'll send you a link to a recording of the event after.

See you tomorrow night!

Drew and the Atlantic-defending crew at Environmental Action

PS - Don't worry if you can't make it tomorrow, we'll record the conversation, and post a link on Thursday.


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