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Thanks for telling your governor to ditch Mitch McConnell's anti-climate coal crusade. Will you please click here and tell your friends to sound off on their governor as well?


Senator McConnell must really love climate change. How else can you explain why he's going around the country and the world to block any plans to fend off climate catastrophe? First he sent a letter to all 50 governors trying to manipulate them into rejecting President Obama's Clean Power Plan.Then this week he told foreign countries not to enter into a United Nations climate pact and to ignore the President's plan to cut U.S emissions by 28 percent.2

Governors from Vermont and California offered a swift rebuttal to Mitch's Coal(y) roller request: No Thanks and Butt Out! But to send a real message that our country is serious about reducing climate killing emissions, we're gonna need more than just a few governors to comply with the Clean Power Plan -- we need all of them to comply. Over 11,000 members like you have already reached out to their governors, but we are going to need even more people sounding off to really send Mitch a message that climate comes before coal. Will you please click here and tell your friends to reach out to their governors and get them on the right side, the clean power team? 

While I think the Clean Power Plan is a good start, it doesn't nearly goes far enough. In fact, according to the Presidential Climate Action Project, we must reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide 60% by 2050 to avert climate calamaties.3 Since our country is one of the biggest polluters, we're going to have to reduce our emission by a higher amount than dictated by the Clean Power Plan. 

That's why your friends need to tell their governor that complying with the Clean Power Plan is not enough, they need to draft an emissions reduction plan that will go even further. And as an added bonus, your friends can tell their governors that the lower they go, the more they can stick it to Mitch. Please click here and tell your friends to contact their governor now and send Mitch running back into his shell and to his buddies at Shell.

With your help we can send Mitch McConnell the message: Take your coal and roll away!

Thanks for taking (environmental) Action,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Clean Climate Crusade

1.Clines, Francis X. Mitch McConnell's Drive to Keep the Coal Fires Burning. New York Times. March 25, 2015.

2. Cama, Timothy. McConnell Warns Countries Against UN Climate Plan. The Hill. March 31, 2015.

3. Hassol, Susan Joy. Question and Answers: Emissions Reductions Needed to Stabilize Climate. Presidential Climate Action Project.


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