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Click here to tell Gov. Hickenlooper of Colorado to commit to the president's clean power plan and more. If Colorado takes aggressive action, we can start a clean power revolution all over America.


This could be big -- but only if we act fast. Colorado is one of the last big states in the west to have a Democratic Governor who has not committed to a plan for compliance with President Obama's first-ever proposed rules to limit global warming pollution from power plants.1

The core of the issue is whether Gov. John Hickenlooper will side with frackers and drillers in his state, or back a bold plan to go beyond the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) limited goals and get 100 percent of Colorado's energy from clean local sources.

Politicians like Mitch McConnell are doing everything in their power to discredit the clean power plan, and get states to opt-out of action to stop climate change. Click here to send a message to Gov. Hickenlooper asking him to take bold action to exceed the clean power goals EPA has set for Colorado. If enough of us act now, our message will reverberate through state capitals across the country and show D.C. that we need to act on climate now.

Colorado is a big, growing state with a lot of people and businesses,2 so Gov. Hickenlooper's decision will have a real impact on climate change and how his state reacts to it. And most people think Colorado will play a pivotal role in the 2016 election, which means an aggressive plan to go beyond the EPA's modest goals -- for example by disallowing fracking and nuclear power as "alternatives" to coal and pushing for 100 percent clean power by 2050 -- would send an important message to Washington, D.C.3

But Hickenlooper is under intense pressure from the fracking industry and other extreme energy extractors.4 This is the same coalition of polluters that previously convinced Colorado Senator Michael Bennet to back the Keystone XL oil pipeline,5 and introduced legislation to roll back the state's modest plan to get more power from clean sources like solar and wind power.6

We beat back the clean power rollback in Colorado already.6 And after thousands of us called and messaged him on social media, Bennet was the lead sponsor on a Senate resolution naming climate change as a big threat to our national security.7 That's how we know that a big outcry from Coloradans and concerned environmental activists everywhere can make a difference.

With the final Clean Power rules due out in just a few months, now is the time to act. Click here to send a message to Governor Hickenlooper asking him to opt-in to the clean power plan with gusto.


Drew Hudson and the clean power crew at Environmental Action

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