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Call your Senators now and tell them to clean up the Continuing Resolution Omnibus Spending Bill-Cromnibus-or kill it once and for all.


We have a serious problem and we're all going to have to take action to fend off the latest Congressional assault on the environment. Late last night the Republican-controlled house passed a 2015 Fiscal Year Omnibus Spending Blill loaded with provisions that will damage the planet. We like to call this grab-bag of polluter give-aways the Climate Killing Cromnibus. The bill now heads to the Senate who could vote on it as early as today, but no later than the weekend.

If this is a preview of what's to come from Congress, it's not good. This bill was written in a cigar smoke filled back room,1 to include a litany of stocking stuffers for polluters just in time for Christmas.

I recently wrote and article breaking down the ways that this bill is environmentally perilous.But to summarize:

  • The bill cut EPA funding to its lowest level since 1989, foring the agency to reduce staff as they are due to take action on climate change, water pollution and more;
  • The bill blocks Clean Water Act protections for millions of streams, ponds and wetlands, allowing Big Ag and others to pollute them as much as they want;
  • The bill would repeal new standards to make light bulbs more efficient, costing all of us money and increasing pollution;
  • The bill would prevent the Department of the Interior from placing Sage Grouse (who are on the brink of extinction) on the Endangered Species List so that drilling and ranching interests can run roughsod over public lands where they live and breed.

Call your Senators right now and tell them to clean these polluting measures out of the Cromnibus or kill it, before it kills the environment.

This bill has backing from several leaders in the Democratic and Republican party. However, we still have time to convince our Senators to do the right thing. Just like when we killed the Keystone XL Pipeline bill in the Senate, we need to rally FAST and call on our Senate leaders to block this bill. Can we count on you again to call your Senators to tell them to clean up the Cromnibus spending bill, or kill it before it harms the environment?

Thanks for Taking (Environmental) Action,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Team

1. Boyle, Matthew. Boehner Ally Admits Omnibus Bill Was Crafted In Literal Cigar Smoke-Filled Back Room. Breitbart, December 10, 2014.

2. Rogers-Wright, Anthony. Lame Duck, Lame Bill. Environmental Action, December 12, 2014.


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