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We're making progress in our fight to stop fracking in Maryland. But we need your help to deliver the knockout punch -- and I've found just the person to help. Maryland lawmakers just voted to send Gov. Larry Hogan a two-year ban on fracking,1 and Maryland-raised movie-star Edward Norton is helping to make sure that it gets signed.2

This is the first time the legislature has voted to block fracking, and it buys us two years of breathing room to work for a permanent ban on this dangerous and unnecessary drilling practice. But despite broad, bi-partisan support in both legislative chambers, Governor Larry Hogan -- a strong ally of the frackers -- still might veto the bill.

Can you join Edward Norton, and call Gov. Hogan's office at 1-855-971-2589?
Tell them: "I’m calling to ask Governor Hogan to keep fracking out of Maryland, and to start by signing the fracking moratorium bill this session."

The bill the legislature passed sets a two year temporary ban, or moratorium, on fracking. It's less than the five year moratorium we started with, and much less than the outright ban we want, but it's a start. 

More concerning than the fact that this bill doesn't go far enough, is the fact that it might go nowhere at all. Governor Larry Hogan has spoken out in favor of fracking in the past. But in this moment, we need him to either sign the bill or shut up -- if he affirms the legislation or does nothing then we get two more years (and a whole election) to push for a permanent ban on fracking. But if Hogan vetoes this bill we'll be back to square one.

Call Hogan's office at 1-855-971-2589 and tell him to sign the fracking moratorium bill NOW.


Drew Hudson, and the less-famous anti-fracking crew at Environmental Action

1 - Erin Cox, Legislature sends fracking ban to Hogan,The Baltimore Sun, April 10, 2015
2 - Associated Press, ‘Fight Club’ actor speaks out against fracking The Washington Post. April 7, 2015


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