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Chip in to help us dump a load of dirty coal at Walmart, and show them why it's time to live up to their promise to protect the planet.


Imagine this: It's Earth Day at Walmart. People are coming in to buy efficient light bulbs and garden equipment at those low, rolled back prices. When all of a sudden there's an announcement: "Would the Manager please come out front and sign for this dump truck of coal? It's one of the 4.2 million tons of coal Walmart burns every year, despite its promise to get 100 percent of its power from clean sources."

Next Wednesday, you won't have to imagine, because we're bringing a dump truck full of "coal"* to Walmart's flagship store in Washington, D.C., on Earth Day. And it's not just us, we'll be delivering tens of thousands of messages telling Walmart, America's largest private employer and one of the world's largest companies, to come clean by ditching its dirty coal power for solar and wind energy.

But we need your help to pull off this event in a way that will capture the attention of Walmart executives, the media and the public. Can you chip in to help?

Walmart loves to talk about its renewable energy initiatives, especially on Earth Day. But we all know that hype is just slick green-washing. Walmart's dirty energy secret is that they get only three percent of their U.S. electricity from renewable energy projects1. And this is almost a decade after they promised to green up their act for real and get 100 percent of their power from clean sources, as many of their competitors already do.

National leaders like Bill McKibben have already joined our campaign calling out Walmart for their reliance on dirty coal.2 But we need a big, visible event on Earth Day to remind everyone that Walmart is still not living up its promises to take care of people or the planet.

Your donation is critical to pulling this event off. I've already reserved the truck and the coal substitute, but we need to raise $2,500 by Earth Day to cover all the costs. Can you chip in to help us hit our goal?


Drew and the fair wages, safe planet crew at Environmental Action.

* Don't worry, we'd never use actual coal just to make a point. Our dump truck will be filled with organic mulch and compost, which we'll deliver to a local community garden and urban farming operation in downtown D.C. after our event. So not only will your donation help make a fun and funny point to Walmart, it'll help inner city school kids grown food and learn about sustainable agriculture - how great is that?

1 - Drew Hudson, Tax Day and the Fight for $15, Environmental Action Blog, April 15, 2015
2 - Stacy mitchell, Walmart's Dirty Energy Secret, ILSR, Nov. 20, 2014


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