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Just a quick follow up to make sure your saw my message earlier this week. Today is Earth Day, and that means most of us are out at one of the dozens of events, actions, protests or rallies Environmental Action staff and volunteers are putting on. Some have been happening already, some are underway right now and some wont occur for hours.

But every single one of these events has something in common: you. Without the support of members like you none of our work is possible.
Chip in here to make every day like Earth Day - filled with exciting actions and events on behalf of our planet.

And thanks for being part of Environmental Action.


PS - My whole earlier email is below, in case you want a reminder of some of the cool things happening to protect the planet all across America right now.


Forty five years after we were born at the first Earth Day in 1970, Environmental Action is still going strong. Just this week we're helping to support or organize more than a dozen events and campaigns all across America.

Can you chip in to help us keep doing all this amazing work in honor of Earth Day (which is also our Birthday)?

Here's just a few of the events we're helping with right now:

  • In New York, we're helping to shut down fracked gas by blocking pipelines and import-export terminals, including a big rally at Cuomo's New York City Office.
  • We're also working with front line communities from Oregon to Florida that are battling fracked gas pipelines, compressor stations and export terminals. In May all these activists will need our help to travel to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a massive protest against the policy and practice of rubber stamping these projects.
  • We're fighting to ban shipments of crude oil by rail -- the so called bomb trains -- in Congress and through executive action by the President, in the wake of weak rules and recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
  • In Wisconsin we're calling out climate censorship and demanding that Presidential hopeful and Governor Scott Walker act to reverse the decision of a state lands board that banned their staff from using terms like "climate change" and "global warming."
  • In Washington, D.C., we're calling out the biggest retail company in America - Walmart - for their reliance on dirty coal electricity and demanding they follow through on their promise to get 100 percent of their energy from clean sources like wind and solar.
  • We're planning the next phase of our campaign to kick climate deniers like Big Oil billionaire David Koch off the board of our most prestigious science museums -- including the Smithsonian and the museum of Natural History in New York.
  • In Pennsylvania, we're working with local organizers, moms and teachers to support a ban on fracking within one mile of schools and playgrounds -- to protect our children and close off thousands of acres to fracking as part of a coordinated plan to ban this dangerous and unnecessary drilling practice.
  • We're preparing to defend against a wave of anti-environment legislation in the Congress -- which will open more federal lands and waters to oil drilling, fast-track exports of crude oil and fracked gas to foreign markets, and circumvent President Obama and many Governors' good work to reign in climate chaos and invest in clean energy alternatives.
  • We're working in Florida with the Humane Society, conservationists and wildlife lovers to save the bears from a cruel and ineffective hunting season by investing in non-lethal alternatives like better trash cans and public education.
  • We're taking our fight to get pro-fracking ads off NPR and clean up their coverage of fracking and climate change to a new ombudsperson, and to local stations in Boston, Madison and across the country that are supported by listeners like you.
  • In Kentucky, we're planning a series of ads to run during the Kentucky Derby  that challenge Republican Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell to stop filibustering the Clean Power Plan, which his state's Governor, utilities and many Congressional Representatives already support.
  • And, of course, we're keeping our eye on future developments - like the upcoming Paris talks on an intentional treaty to fight global warming, and the 2016 Presidential race where candidates like Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz need to answer tough questions on the Keystone XL oil pipeline, climate change, energy policy, the environment and more.

And that's just the stuff I can remember right now!

Environmental Action is so lucky to have amazing staff, dedicated board members and over 40 years of history fighting for the only planet we'll ever call home. But in all our years, we've never taken money from corporations or foundations. Everything you see here -- every email, every event, every campaign -- is funded entirely by dedicated people just like you who chip in $25, $100 or whatever they can afford to support our work.

Can you please chip in to help us continue this incredible work? It's only possible because of members like you.

Thanks, we're so grateful for all you do,

Drew Hudson, Director, and the entire team at Environmental Action.


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