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Walmart has claimed for years that they are environmental leaders. They even got themselves written up in a fancy report by the Business Roundtable about how they're a "sustainability leader."

But Walmart's dirty secret is that despite promising almost a decade ago to get 100 percent of their power from clean sources, as many of their competitors have for years, Walmart still only gets 3 percent of their energy from renewable sources like solar and wind. In fact, Walmart's U.S. stores are mostly relying on dirty coal power - 4.2 million tons of the stuff a year - and all that coal creates a lot of pollution for our climate.

That's why we've been calling on Walmart to clean up their act, by dumping dirty coal for clean energy and treating their workers with respect. Yesterday, we took a dump truck full of fake coal to Walmart's flagship store in Washington D.C., to remind them of their promise and show them we're not fooled by their greenwashing on Earth Day. Check out the whole report about our event below, and help us call on Walmart to ditch dirty coal!

Our action on the ground was backed up by thousands of Environmental Action members like you who signed a petition or donated to make this event possible, and by over 100 phone calls from activists in Boston -- so we know Walmart got the message!

But of course we'd never buy real coal just to make a point to Walmart. Our fake coal was really organic wood chips and fertilizer, which we donated to a nearby urban farm and school. I even got to drive the dump truck and deliver the load of mulch to the farm, thus fulfilling two of my childhood dreams: to drive a big truck and be a farmer.

You can check out the whole report back, and chip in to support our ongoing campaign to get Walmart to clean up their act, by clicking here.

Thanks for being part of Environmental Action!

Drew and the truck-driving clean energy crew at Environmental Action


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