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Click here to tell climate denying candidates like Mike Huckabee there's no "Hope" for climate deniers to reach the White House.


It seems like every day a new candidate announces they are seeking the GOP nomination for President. It's actually quite dizzying, so I understand if you can't keep up. From Marco Rubio to Ted Cruz to Mike Huckabee there are certainly some very interesting personalities entering the race. But for all of the personality differences, there's one thing that all these Republican candidates have in common: They deny that human-induced climate change is a real threat.

Take one of the latest candidates to enter the Republican Roundabout, Mike Huckabee. Despite the fact that the state he was governor of, Arkansas, experiences severe climate impacts, including extreme weather events like heat waves, droughts and flooding,Huckabee says that climate change does not pose a serious threat to our planet and nation. He has the issue so confused, he even dismissed the Pentagon's assessment that climate change is a national security threat at the same time that he confused climate change with ozone depletion when he stated, "A beheading is a far greater threat to America than a sunburn."2 WOW! 

So we came up with an idea to welcome climate denying candidates like Huckabee to the race by sending them a clear message: You can't get into the White House if you deny climate change. Will you sign our climate denier greeting card to candidates who ignore reality?

It's past time to stop the debate on whether climate change is real. We need to start taking serious steps towards real solutions now. Everyone from scientists to military specialists agree that climate change is a huge threat to our economy, security and planet.3 The next president's agenda will have a serious impact on how we fight global warming. Will they follow through on Obama's Clean Power Plan or honor U.S. commitments to the United Nations to reduce global warming? That's why it's up to us to let anyone running for president know they are not fit for the office if they deny reality and urgency of climate change.

Voltaire once said, "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." No candidate for the highest office in the land should convince citizens of the absurdities of climate denial that could lead to the atrocities of further climate catastrophe. Let's make sure that all the GOP candidates understand that climate change is real, is happening and must be addressed. Click here to send that message.

Thanks for taking (environmental) action,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Climate Crusaders

1. Natural Resources Defense Council: Climate Change Health Threats in Arkansas.

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3. Davenport, Coral. Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Change. New York Times. October 13, 2014.


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