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FERC is so afraid of you that they've asked Federal Protective Services to reschedule their meeting "to better ensure the safety of its staff and the public." Click here to chip in $5 so we can show FERC, people aren't the threat, fracking the climate is.


This is low, even for the secretive and "rogue agency" known as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC): Late yesterday evening when they thought nobody would notice, they quietly rescheduled their May meeting, and specifically said they were trying to avoid our protest action for the same day.1 FERC claims that we're a safety risk, and that they need help from a division of Homeland Security to defend themselves from us.

But the truth is that FERC just denied a request supported by over 20,000 Environmental Action members to re-open the permit for the Cove Point fracked gas export terminal, and revisit their whole approach to rubber stamping fracked gas infrastructure.2 FERC knows we're furious, but they also know from experience that we're entirely peaceful. What's more, hundreds of people, lead by front line communities from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland are planning to attend the Beyond Extreme Energy protest. All the participants have signed a pledge of non-violence -- so it's not the protest FERC is afraid of, it's public scrutiny.

We can't let this stand. Can you chip in to help us organize an emergency response to FERC's latest attempt to silence and avoid public criticism of their planet-destroying policies?

What this is really about is that FERC doesn't want to listen to us. They know that they're destroying communities and fracking up our planet by rubber-stamping a new generation of pipelines, compressor stations and export terminals from coast to coast. And they'd rather not face the families, ecosystems and local communities they've hurt.

So they're trying to run, but they can't hide from us. We're making an emergency plan today to attend the rescheduled meeting and give FERC an earful of peaceful protest. We're also doubling down on our original protest plan, gearing up to bring even more people, more creative artwork and banners, and more Beyond Extreme Energy action to FERC's front door after Memorial Day.

But we can't do it without your support. Our allies in Southern Maryland can get to Washington, D.C., pretty fast, but dozens of other front line groups - some from many hundreds of miles away, are planning to support the Beyond Extreme Energy protest.3 We need your help to make sure everyone who wants to participate can do so - and know that they'll be supported by great trainers, adequate housing, and healthy food as they stand up to FERC's injustice. Can you chip in $5, $36, or $100 to support these amazing leaders as they take action?


Drew and the Beyond Extreme Energy team

1 - Alex Guillen et all, Politico Morning Energy, Politico, May 8 2015
2 - Marty Madden, Feds deny request for gas plant rehearing, Bay.net  May 5, 2015
3 - Et all, We Will Not Be Silent! Letter of support for the actions in May at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in Washington DC


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