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Climate change threatens life as we know it. Scientists are telling us with more and more urgency that we must act quickly to stop the extraction of fossil fuels and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But the world’s largest polluters have prevented progress on bold climate action for far too long.

That's why we’re joining a massive coalition of environmental groups to call on world leaders to kick big polluters out of policymaking. Sign now and we’ll deliver your name at pivotal climate treaty talks in Bonn, Germany, the first week of June. Click here to sign your name and kick big polluters out.

We need a strong outcome from the climate treaty talks in Germany this summer, and next December in France in order to seize the momentum of a growing global movement, and to push leaders to take bolder action to address the climate crisis.1
But the fossil fuel industry and other global corporations that have a vested interest in stopping progress on climate policymaking continue to delay, weaken and block climate policy at every level. From the World Coal Association hosting a summit on "clean coal" at climate talks in Warsaw, Poland, to Shell aggressively lobbying in the European Union for weak renewable energy goals while promoting gas –  these big polluters are peddling false solutions to protect their profits while driving the climate crisis closer to the brink.

Enough is enough. The only way we’ll get an international agreement to reduce emissions is to end the corporate interference that has derailed and watered down climate talks time and again. We can do this. A global coalition removed Big Tobacco from international public health policymaking a decade ago, and it saved lives.2 With your help we can do something similar with climate change.

Sign the petition to kick big polluters out of climate policymaking. The more names we can deliver to decision-makers in Bonn, the stronger our voices will be.

Thanks for taking (environmental) action,

Sally for Environmental Action

1. Ari Phillips, Global Carbon Dioxide Levels Just Hit A Disturbing New Threshold, Think Progress Green, May 6, 2015
2. What climate activists can learn from the fight against Big Tobacco, Al Jazeera, September 21 2014. 


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