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The Koch brothers are trying to squash solar power by funding deceptive lobbying and PR campaigns in states like Arizona and California. Sign here to help our friends at Environment America stop them from blocking the sun.


Who could hate the sun? It's warm, life sustaining energy powers everything from tiny seedlings to big companies. And since the fuel is free, more and more Americans have been switching to solar power in recent years. In fact solar is currently one of the fastest growing job sources in the United States!

But Charles and David Koch, two of Time Magazine’s top 100 most influential people, made their fortune selling oil and other polluting fossil fuels. And now, it appears, they want to block out the sun and other clean energy options.

That's why we're proud to team up with our allies at Environment America to demand the Kochs stop their attacks on sustainable energy. Can you sign here to stop the Kochs from blocking the sun?

The Kochs and their allies see solar as a threat to their profits and the status quo. So, they are lobbying to squash the rooftop solar revolution and limit our access to the sun's power.

An LA Times report put the spotlight on the Koch Brothers and their utility allies campaign in Arizona when they invested millions into pushing state regulators to impose a monthly fee of $50 to $100 on solar customers.1

Now, Koch funded groups – including Americans for Prosperity and the America Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – are taking this anti-solar show on the road. They are working with utilities in more than a dozen states; including Colorado, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Ohio and North Carolina to adopt anti-solar policies.

For men claiming to support the free market, they aren't giving solar much of a chance. Solar energy companies are currently growing 20 times faster than the rest of the economy. Clearly, solar is good for our communities, economically and environmentally.

Sign today to tell the Koch Brothers to stop working to halt the progress of solar.


Drew Hudson and the solar-powered crew at Environmental Action

1 - Evan Halper, Koch brothers, big utilities attack solar, green energy policies, LA times, April 19,2014


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