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Last week you volunteered to call the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) today and back up our blockade of front line communities. Well we're HEEEERRRRRREE! Can you call (800) 588-9991 right now and back up front line communities rallying on the ground? Our FERCus bot will help you connect to the commissioners.

Earlier today, fracktivists lead by front line communities impacted by Liquefied Natural Gas projects in New York and Maryland blockaded the main entrance to FERC with a giant, 50 foot banner (shown below). It's an amazing mural we painted together this weekend that illustrates the impacts of fracking and FERC-approved fracked gas projects from coast to coast. And it's only one of our amazing, creative tactics. At the same time we shut down FERC's front door, a separate team staged a daring, colorful action on North Capitol Street (just a few blocks from Congress and NPR) that featured a brave fracktivist climber dangling several feet from the ground with a banner opposed to fracking and fracked gas infrastructure.

But while FERC employees deal with us out in the streets, the FERC commissioners are sitting comfortably in their air conditioned office, tying to ignore all the communities they're hurting with gas pipelines, compressor stations and LNG terminals. That's why we need you to follow through, pick up the phone and call FERC now:

FERC banner out front

Here's what the FERCus bot is saying, just in case you have trouble hearing/understanding:

In just a minute, you can use your touch-tone phone to get connected to one of FERC's commissioners. Make sure to say that you're "calling to stop new permits, repeal the old ones, and end the FERC-us" that way they'll know you're with us. You should also feel free to talk about any specific projects and concerns you have - we've tried to make it easy to connect to the most applicable commissioner.

  1. Press one to leave a Message for FERC chair Norman Bay.
  2. Press two if you're calling about Penn East, Port Ambrose, Seneca Lake or any other project in the Northeast, and we'll connect you to commissioner Cheryl Lafleur of Massachusetts.
  3. Press three if you're calling about Jordan Cove in Coos bay or California or any west-coast projects to get connected to Commissioner Moeller of Washington State.
  4. Press four if you're calling about the dominion pipeline in Virginia, or an other project in the Southeast and we'll connect you to Commissioner Colette Honorable, of Arkansas.
  5. Press five if you're calling from Colorado, Montana, Texas or the Dakotas, and we'll connect you to Commissioner Tony Clark of North Dakota.
  6. If you're not sure, just press six or stay on the line and we'll connect you to the general line.

This was only the first day of the FERCus. Together with Beyond Extreme Energy and our front line partners, we're planning a whole week of creative actions to shut down the FERCus and block fracked gas from going anywhere. FERC is supposed to regulate the gas industry, yet it constantly approves dangerous fracked gas projects like interstate pipelines, compressor stations and LNG projects. They ignore the communities who are hurt by these projects’ devastating health, economic, environmental and climate impacts. We'll be back tomorrow, and every day this week to demand they change their ways. And you can help!


Drew and the Beyond Extreme Energy team

PS - Check out all the great photos and updates from the action at Beyond Extreme Energy's Facebook page and Twitter account.


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