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Click here to tell Carly Fiorina that surrender and finger pointing is no way to fight climate change.


Carly Fiorina is not your typical GOP presidential candidate. For starters, unlike other Republican candidates, she actually believes in human-induced climate change stating, "There is a lot of consensus among the scientists that climate change is real and human activity contributes to it."1 I understand if you're shocked -- after all, these days finding a GOP candidate that believes in human induced climate change is as rare as finding a bald eagle nest in Central Park.

But before you shower Fiorina with accolades for embracing reality, I think there are some things that you should know about her climate policies

She recently indicated that climate policies are pointless because China would never follow suit adding, "Do we really think that China is going to follow our lead on this? No, because they are focused on their own economic self-interest."2 Carly clearly missed the memo about President Obama's historic deal with China, in which they committed to reduce pollution and generate 20 percent of their energy from renewables3 Does Carly really believe that we should do nothing to fight our biggest global challenge unless someone else does first? 

Carly doesn't seem to understand that giving up and finger pointing won't solve the climate crisis. That's why we need to welcome her to the election by telling her, "Stop waving the white flag on climate change." Will you click here to make sure he gets the message?

As a resident of California, you would think that Fiorina would have better approach to the climate crisis than pointing fingers. But her approach to fighting this crisis doesn't hold water. And speaking of water, her statements about the historic drought in her home state are, as they say there, far out. She actually blamed environmentalists for the drought stating, "While California is clearly experiencing another drought, the extreme shortages are an ongoing and man-made human tragedy - one that has been brought on by overzealous liberal environmentalists who continue to devalue the lives and livelihoods of California residents in pursuit of their own agenda. It comes down to this: Which do we think is more important, families or fish?"4  Statements like these make me ask myself, "With climate realists like Fiorina, who needs deniers?"

Carly seems to think that the only way to solve the climate crisis is through innovation, not policy. But while it's true that we need innovation and technology to help sove the crisis, we also need policies like the Clean Power Plan to stop climate-killing industries like coal, oil and gas. Only with policy sticks and market carrots can we make the shift to renewable sources like wind and solar. Even Hewlett Packard (Carly's former company) agrees, saying, "HP supports U.S. federal and state efforts to mandate overall greenhouse gas emissions."5

When it comes to solutions for the climate crisis, Carly is out of step. That's why we need to tell her there are 1600 reasons not to throw in the towel on climate changeClick here to send that message.

Thanks for taking (environmental) action,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Climate Crusaders

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