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Click here to send President Obama and the EPA a thank you message for protecting more than 2 million miles of America's streams and wetlands.


There's a lot of bad news out there for our planet: pollution, climate change, vanishing species and more. And don't even get me started on some of the radical anti-environment candidates running for President. But this isn't that kind of email -- this time, I've got GOOD news to share.

Late last week President Obama and the EPA took a big step for America's waterways by closing loopholes that in the Clean Water Act that had allowed polluters to get away with messing up our drinking water for over a decade. If allowed to become law, Obama's new "Waters of the U.S." rule will protect 60 percent of America's water -- including small streams and wetlands that haven't been protected before.1 And while the rule isn't perfect, yet, it took guts for President Obama to use his executive authority and go around the Republican-controlled, mostly anti-environment Congress.2

That's why we're taking a moment this weekend to say "Thanks Mr. President" for taking action to protect clean water. You can help by sending the president and EPA a thank you message by clicking here.

Polluters including the American Farm Bureau and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are already saying they will sue to stop the clean water the rule, and legal experts say the fight will probably end up in the Supreme Court before it's all over. Anti-environment politicians in Congress, meanwhile, are calling protection of clean water a dangerous overreach that will cost jobs and economic output.

But we've heard all that before. Every time polluters and politicians cry foul of jobs and the economy, we've responded by fighting for the planet and all of us who live on it. After all, without clean water to drink nobody cares what job you have or how much money you make. That's why, during the EPA's public comment period on this rule, we joined forces with allies like the Sierra club and Environment America to submit nearly a million comments supporting clean water from people like you.

We made this rule possible with our support and emails. Now, let's say "thanks" to the president for listening, and tell him to keep up the hard work of protecting our water, and all our shared resources -- from the climate above to the aquifers down below.


Drew and the clean water crew at Environmental Action

1 - Coral Davenport, Obama Announces New Rule Limiting Water Pollution, the New York Times, May 27, 2015
2 - Henry Gass, Why the EPA wants to amend the Clean Water Act, The Christian Science Monitor, May 28, 2015   


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