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Click here to help us tell West Virginians why Senators Capito and Manchin should get off Mitch McConnell's Coal Train.


I just wanted to make sure that you saw my email last week. We need to get the word out to West Virginians about Mitch McConnell's newest coal train passengers, Sens. Capito (R-WV) and Manchin (D-WV).

McConnell has been relentless with his attack on President Obama's Clean Power Plan, telling everyone to ignore and flat out kill the plan, even though it will improve air quality and protect public health. His latest recruit is Capito, who introduced a bill with Manchin that she described as, "the principle legislative vehicle" to block clean power. Capito, Manchin and McConnell all claim coal is a major job creator in their states, and describe the Clean Power Plan as a war on coal.

But the truth is they are holding on to an extreme, dirty form of energy production that is becoming more obsolete everyday. Last week West Virginia researchers reported that coal production will drop by 39 percent compared to 2008 levels.1 Even Big Oil can see the writing on the wall: This week CEOs from six of the largest oil companies announced their support for a carbon trading plan that to reduce carbon emissions from coal fired plants.2  

So why are Mconnell, Manchin and Capito defending a dying industry instead of embracing a clean power future that includes new, long term renewable energy jobs?

I think West Virginians deserve to know the truth about the Clean Power Plan and why their representatives are standing up for King Coal profits over public health and clean air. So we're developing an internet ad to get the word out, just in time for the Congressional recess. But I need your help to make sure that they see this message. Please click here to help us broadcast the truth about the Clean Power Plan where people need to hear it the most. 

Thank You for fighting for clean power,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Climate Crusaders

P.S. You can read my email from last week below.

1. Matisse, Jonathan. West Virginia Will See Huge Drop In Coal Production Over Next 20 Years, University Report Says. Associated Press. May 28, 2014.

2. Stefani, Sara and Oraschakof, Kalina. Big Energy Pushes Carbon Trading Scheme. Politico. June 1, 2015.

Mitch McConnell has recruited some new passengers to ride his Coal Train Express to kill the Clean Power Plan. Chip in to help us tell West Virginia Senators Capito and Manchin that they're riding the wrong train.


For the last month, members like you have been chipping in to fund a series of ads calling out Mitch McConnell for his attempts to block President Obama's Clean Power Plan. When Louisville's bus company rejected our ads for, "mocking and debasing the stature and integrity" of McConnell, we had to switch to an online plan to tell Kentuckians that Mitch would rather groove on dirty coal than back clean power -- even though residents, utilities and the Governor are ready to race forward with wind and solar.

But while we were busy getting our ad ready for Kentuckians, McConnell was busy cajoling new passengers to ride his Coal Train Express to kill the Clean Power Plan. His two new passengers are Senators Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) and Joe Manchin (D-WV). This month they punched their ticket-to-ride by introducing a bill Capito calls the "principle legislative vehicle" to block clean power.1 It's also been described as a polluter's wish list and a direct attack on clean air, public health and the environment.

We need to expand the reach of our campaign to include West Virginians so that our Appalachian friends know their senators are riding the wrong train. But I really need your help to expand out ad buy so that West Virginians learn the truth about the health and environmental effects of dirty coal, and the benefits of the Clean Power Plan. Can I count on you to help us create an internet ad that McConnell, Capito, Manchin and other clean power obstructionists will never forget?

Among other things, Capito and Manchin's bill would allow states to opt out of complying with the new Clean Power rules if a governor determines "it's not in the state's best interest." But a new report just found that the Clean Power Plan would save thousands of lives, reduce hospitalizations due to poor air quality and prevent thousands of heart attacks.2 In 2012, dirty emissions from coal plants in West Virginia were responsible for an estimated 317 deaths and nearly $200 million in medical costs.3 So it begs the questions, how could clean power not be in a state's best interest, and why are Capito and Manchin more worried about coal companies than public health, or the health of our climate?

Sometimes you have to follow the money to find the answers. McConnell, Capito and Manchin have taken over $2.6 million from King Coal in the last four years alone!2 Put another way, these Senators of Soot were paid $3 million, which allowed King Coal to stick West Virginians with a $200 million medical bill thanks to air pollution. Add the fact that Jim Justice, a billionaire coal executive, just announced that he will run to become governor of West Virginia,4 and it all adds up to one big COALamity.

That's why we need to expand our ad to cover West Virginia. With your help, residents of this state will learn the true benefits of clean power and the real health dangers of King Coal. When it comes to Kentucky and West Virginia, it's time to overthrow the king. Please click here to help us broadcast the truth about the Clean Power Plan where people need to hear it the most. 

Thank You for fighting for clean power,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Climate Crusaders

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