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Two years ago a bomb-train explosion leveled a town and killed 47 people. Today our communities and climate are no safer. Sign here to make this summer the last one in which bomb trains threaten our communities and planet.


July 6 marks the second anniversary of the bomb-train disaster in Lac-Megantic, Canada.1 The train set an entire town on fire and killed 47 people, but two years later our communities and planet are still at risk.

After a spring filled with fiery derailments, explosive accidents, and major articles in the New York2 and Los Angeles Times3, we know that NO safe way exists for transporting extreme oil such as the tar sands and Bakken crude. Yet the bomb trains keep rolling, and carbon pollution keeps rising.

That’s why we’re joining the Stop Oil Trains week of action, July 6-12, to call attention to the growing threat of shipping oil by rail across North America. Together, we will demonstrate the growing opposition to bomb trains by organizing more than 100 events across the United States and Canada to demand an immediate ban on bomb trains.3 Sign now to tell the Obama team we need a ban on bomb trains NOW. We'll deliver your signature as part of the week of action and send you updates on how to plan or participate in an event next month.

Since 2008 there rail shipments of volatile crude oil have increased by 4,000 percent. The only response (so far) from President Obama and the Department of Transportation has been a weak set of rules requiring slightly better brakes and thicker tank cars YEARS from now.4 This action is fails to protect our communities, and it completely ignores the point that we must leave extreme fossil fuels in the ground if we're going to stop climate change and protect our planet.

Despite dozens of fiery disasters, the oil industry relentlessly continues to expand oil-train transport in the United States and Canada.5 The Lac-Megantic anniversary serves as a grim reminder: Big Oil will stop at nothing to extract, transport, and burn every drop of oil in the ground, regardless of the risk to public health, safety, and the climate -- unless we stop them, together.

We can't wait any longer for regulations and politicians before we act. We must rise up right now and say "No more exploding trains. No more tar sands. No more Russian roulette with our communities and our climate!" Click here to sign on now and tell everyone you know that it's time to ban the bomb trains and leave extreme oil in the ground for good.


Drew and the ban the bomb train crew

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