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Click here to tell Rick Santorum: Stop trying to censor Pope Francis and embrace the reality of climate change.


Most candidates who make a second run for the White House seem to learn from their mistakes. They learn about issues, how to better engage the public and how to speak to revered religious leaders on behalf of the American people. Rick Santorum is different, and doesn't seem to have learned anything since 2012.

This week Santorum, a devout Catholic, took a swipe at Pope Francis for his stance on climate change stating, "The church has gotten it wrong a few times on science, and I think that we probably are better off leaving science to the scientists..."1 First off, the Pope actually IS a scientist, having earned a Master's degree in Chemistry before turning to priesthood. Secondly, it was Charles Darwin, a theology student, who developed groundbreaking theories of evolution, and Gregor Mendel, a Catholic friar, who is considered the father of genetics. So clearly, science and the Catholic faith are not opposed, and "the church" got it right for some big scientific breakthroughs -- except where Santorum is concerned.

That's why we have to welcome Rick Santorum back to the election with a clear message: "We want do-gooders in the White House to fight climate change, not do-nothing deniers."  Will you click here to make sure he gets the message?

Rather than trying to censor the Pope, Rick should beg His Holiness to hear his confession for all the fallacies he's been spreading about climate change: He falsely claimed that U.S. policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, "will have a zero impact" on climate change2 -- when in fact the U.S. is the world's second largest emitter of global warming pollution. He also said that even those who believe in the science of climate change agree that U.S. action will accomplish nothing -- also antithetical to reality.2 It seems that Santorum's campaign mantra is: If at first you don't succeed, double down on extreme views and deny climate change.

How can we trust a man who literally holds a lump of coal during stump speeches to hold his own on global warming? In a recent interview Santorum not only denied that humans are responsible for global warming, he also declared that he's opposed to any regulation on fracking, pushed for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling and pledged support for the Keystone XL pipeline!3

We can't allow Santroum's calamitous crusade for carbon to crush our environment. We need to let him know that his climate denying campaign was over before it started. Click here to send that message.

Thanks for taking (environmental) action,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Climate Crusaders

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