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The United Houma Nation (UHN) experienced some of the worse impacts of the 2010 BP Deep Horizon Oil Spill. But because they are not recognized by the federal government they can't sue. Click here to stand with UHN and help them get the justice they deserve. 


If someone came onto your property and dumped trash, spilled crude oil and kept digging, you would want the culprit to court and sue for damages. But imagine if the court treated you like you didn't even exist.  That's exactly what happened to the United Houma Nation (UHN) -- and it's time for it to stop.

Five years ago, when BP's Deep Water Horizon rig spilled 210 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico, UNH was hit by the worst of this disaster. Today, there are still tar mats and oil balls washing ashore near their homes, their fishing industry is devastated and they are losing their land at a rate of 16 square miles per year due to drilling and erosion.1 But the real insult is that the UHN are not even permitted to sue BP for damages because they are not recognized by the federal government.

There is some silver lining though: UHN's voices are finally being heard and they are so close to getting justice in the courts. But their 30 year fight has nearly bankrupted them and they need our help to win their fight with the Department of Interior (DOI). The Houma need our help to fund a trip from Louisiana to D.C. later this year so that they can bring their case before DOI. Can you chip in to help UHN get to the finish line of justice?

We talk so much about inalienable rights and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But for these paradigms to have integrity, they must apply to everyone in this country, and especially the first people to live here. Until we extend those rights to the UHN, they can't challenge BP for the damage they've done to the land and livelihood of this amazing tribe. The idea that our own government is standing in the way of the justice they deserve, and all to protect one of the biggest polluters in our history, is almost too much to bear.

But one thing that I love about this country is that we learn how to right past wrongs. With your help UHN can defend their petition for federal recognition in person, and strike a huge victory for frontline communities that were poisoned by BP.

There's an old saying, "Justice without power is impotent, power without justice is tyranny." Your help can help UHN realize the justice they deserve, and strike at the heard of polluter power. Let's show frontline communities in the Gulf that we have their backs. Please click here to bus the Houma Nation to justice and victory.

Thank You so much for your support,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Gulf Coast Freedom Fighters 

1. Yee, Allie. Louisiana Tribe Renews Fight for Federal Recognition in the Face of Sinking Lands and Environmental Disasters. Facing South. April 23, 2015.


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