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Update: Next Monday, June 15, the Smithsonian board of directors will meet inside the "castle" -- the iconic heart of our national science culture. Donate to help us 'storm the castle' with a big, fun, noisy demonstration about why we need to kick climate deniers like David Koch out of our science museums.


We've been quoted in international papers,1 shown up at a convention for museum curators,2 and gathered over 200,000 signatures calling for our leading science museums to kick climate deniers like David Koch off their boards and out of our kids' education.3 But there's one thing our campaign hasn't done yet: Show up to look the people who run our biggest science museums in the eye and tell them it's time to kick the polluters out.

That's about to change. Imagine this: a crowd of hundreds of pro-science activists, led by speakers like climate scientist Joe Romm and Rev. Yearwood, addressing the crowd from the top of a mobile natural history exhibit that talks about the impacts of climate change -- and all of it parked outside the "castle" at the Smithsonian while the Board of Regents meets inside.

That's our plan to pull off a big, splashy, headline-grabbing event that delivers your signature, and 200,000 others next Monday. But we need to pull together about $1,000 to cover expenses, print signs and make the event a success. Can you chip in to help make it happen?

In an open letter that was picked up by news sites around the world, dozens of top scientists, including several Nobel laureates and senior government officials, made a plea for science museums to cut all ties to the fossil fuel industry. They particularly singled out the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in D.C., who has has a Koch-financed exhibit suggesting climate change is a "natural" phenomenon that encourages us humans to "adapt" in beneficial ways.4

That's why it's so important we show up next Monday in a BIG way and demand that the Smithsonian and other science museums cut their ties to climate deniers like David Koch. Click here to chip in $15, $25 or $50 to help make this event as awesome as we all imagine, and make sure the Smithsonian can't ignore us any longer.


Drew and the museum climate-security crew at Environmental Action

P.S. - Are you planning to be in D.C. next week? Why not come by and join us at the Smithsonian!? Click here for all the details and to RSVP.

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