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2015 is just a few hours away and we're just a few thousand dollars short of our fundraising goal, so I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Environmental Action is a big community online, but our staff is tiny compared to most of our peers. That's because we choose to put every dollar you donate to work financing the kinds of actions it takes to protect the planet, instead of glossy magazines, calendars, or fancy offices.

And what we can do when we work together is amazing: Events like the People's Climate March, hand delivering 2 million comments to the State Department against Keystone XL, actions to save wolves, bears and other species, and so much more.

The truth is, we can only make these actions happen because a very small, but very important, group of us are willing and able to chip in financially. Hundreds of thousands of people took action with Environmental Action this year - and what we did together is impressive. But only 1% of all the people we know are able to support our work financially. And that's all it takes to do all this amazing work for the planet. So right now, in the last 12-or-so hours before the end of the year, I'm asking if you'll join us as one of the one in 100 supporters who can back up their conviction to save the planet with a few dollars.

Name: Friend
2014 Year End Donation: PENDING

Suggested 2014 Donation: $35

I know a lot of other people are asking too - and many of those causes are worthy. But only one percent of us need to chip in to power Environmental Action -- and so far, you haven't joined us. So I'm asking: can you support our work with a donation of $5, $15 or $50 before midnight Pacific time?

Thanks again for all you do,

Drew Hudson | Executive Director, and the team at Environmental Action


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