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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission's final vote on whether to permit hunting Florida's Black Bears is NEXT WEEK. In preparation for the final vote I would like to invite you to RSVP for a bears thunderclap. A thunderclap is a powerful online action where we all schedule a post to our Facebook and Twitter accounts to be posted at the same time. When all the actions are blasted at once, it acts like a thunderclap - drawing the attention of reporters and decision makers like Governor Rick Scott to the Florida Black Bears.

We need to hold the megaphone for the Florida Black Bears and tell the FFWC that these bears deserve to live in peace!

Help us make some mega noise for the Florida Bears: Click here to RSVP your Facebook post and/or Tweet to be posted right before the final vote on June 23rd.

With only 3,000 of these bears left in the state, this is no time to give hunters a license for a bear killing spree. But the FWC has already ruled twice in favor of a hunting season. We need to act fast if we're going to convince Gov. Scott to overrule the pro-hunting Wildlife Commission and save the bears.

Rather than indicting all the bears, Florida should focus on non-lethal methods like bear proof trash cans, bear-safety education and reducing urban sprawl. These methods are proven to be more effective at reducing incidents and will allow this lovely species to live in harmony with humans.

Schedule your Facebook post and/or Tweet here to be automatically posted right before the final vote on June 23rd.

Thanks for taking (Environmental) Action,

Sally and The Environmental Action Bear Club


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