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Congress just unleashed a blitzkrieg of budget cuts and policy riders to weaken our ability to fight climate change. Tell your Senators and Congressperson to vote "No" on climate killing budgets.


Congress is at it again, doing whatever they can to block President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from fighting climate change. Last week, both the House and Senate introduced appropriations bills to slash the budgets we need to fight climate change by as much as $30 billion.1 Worse yet, these bills also include policy riders that would block the president's clean power plan and reduce states' ability to monitor air quality.

Congress won't listen to research, like the EPA report released today that shows action on climate change saves lives and billions of dollars.2 They won't listen to His Holiness, Pope Francis, whose recent climate change encyclical makes a moral plea to combat global warming. And we know they won't listen to 97 percent of scientists, who confirm that human-induced climate change is real and demands immediate action.

But I think I know who they will listen to -- YOU. That's why I need you to contact your representatives to tell them to vote "No" on any appropriations bill designed to weaken our government's ability to fight climate change. Will you get in touch with your lawmakers today and send that message?

GOP lawmakers are busy trying to rationalize their draconian cuts, with one lawmaker stating, "This bill makes great strides to budget responsibly, investing in proven programs while making cutbacks where we can. The EPA is one such agency that can certainly make do with less."3  It's funny that the same lawmakers who have no problem slashing the budgets of two important agencies, have no problem with subsidizing Big Oil to the tune of $38 billion annually.4

This is no time to be divesting from our climate. President Obama has made deals with China and other nations to reduce our emissions and take a leadership role in combating climate disruption. Not to mention that summer just started, and we are already seeing record heat waves, devastating floods and wildfires -- all fueled by the climate change  our Congress is unwilling act on. That's why we have to contact our lawmakers now, before these climate-busting appropriation bills reach the floor of either the House or Senate.

Click here to tell your lawmakers to invest in our future and let EPA and DOI do their jobs.

Thanks for taking (environmental) action,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Climate Crusaders

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