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Click here to tell Bobby Jindal that you can't deny climate change while it's knocking on your front door.


Bobby Jindal announced last week that he is joining the game show known as, "Win the Republican Nomination for President." And even though it's statistically more possible that climate change is happening and caused by human activity than him winning the nomination -- he's polling at just one percent,we can't let him off the hook. Especially because Bobby seems to cater his views on climate change depending on who he's talking to.

On the same day that he assured reporters that he believes, "human activity is having an impact on the climate," when addressing the aggressively conservative and climate denying group the Heritage Foundation, he accused environmentalists of using global warming as,  " A Trojan horse designed to impose more government regulations." Then on the same day he addressed the Christian Science Monitor and offered the obligatory GOP talking point on climate change, "I'll leave it to the scientists to decide how much human activity is attributable to climate change."2 News flash Bobby, the scientists have spoken and 97 percent of them agree that human activity is largely responsible for climate disruption.

But Jindal should not even need scientists to tell him about human's contribution to climate change, he's from Louisiana -- all he has to do is look right outside of his window. I guess he's forgotten that this is the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a climate fueled event and the worst natural disaster in U.S. history that caused over $100 billion in damages and claimed nearly 2,000 lives.3 Or maybe he's forgotten that his state is literally sinking, losing about a football field an hour due to climate change.4 Bobby doesn't need scientists, he needs to wake up and smell the gumbo.

That's why we need to tell him you can't deny climate change when it's knocking on your front door. Click here to help send him this message.

Bobby is trying to have his king cake and eat it too. It shows in his energy plan entitled, "Organizing Around Abundance: Making America an Energy Superpower," in which he argues for approving the Keystone XL Pipeline, repealing renewable energy fuel standards, reducing the use of renewables and increasing oil and gas drilling as a way to fight the climate change he's not sure he believes in.4

It looks like he's suffering some residual effects from Mardi Gras if he thinks this plan holds water. But what it really looks like is that Jindal is paying back his Big Oil friends who lined his pockets with nearly $400,000 to keep their extreme energy extraction afloat while Louisiana sinks.5 Jindal even signed a bill into law that prevents agencies from suing Big Oil for destroying the Louisiana landscape and contributing to the state sinking.6

And while Bobby has been cleaning up from Big Oil, he's left his state a mess as it is still recovering from Katrina and BP's Deep Horizon Oil Spill. If he's trying to leave Louisiana in such a state of climate despair, imagine what he'll do to the rest of the country. We can't allow that to come close to happening and need to tell Bobby that denying climate change is a sure fired way to get a second line funeral marching for your campaign. Click here to make sure he hears the music.

Thank You for taking (environmental) action,

Anthony and the Environmental Action Climate Crusaders

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