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While we're deeply disappointed with the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC)'s decision, I wanted to thank you personally and show you that, thanks to you, we were able to educate thousands of Floridians last week about bears. Because of generous donors like you, ads like the one below reached thousands of local voters, over 100 of whom turned out to testify at the FWC hearing on bears.

Click here to read the full report in Anthony's blog, and see how your donation impacted the debate..

The FWC voted to lift the 40 year ban on bear hunting ban despite the fact that 75 percent of Floridians opposed it in a poll. Thier ruling sound science, and even ignored the fact that they don’t know how many bears there are! But what the FWC can't ignore public awareness, and thanks to you thousands more people know the truth about bears - that they're endangered, special creatures to Florida, and that there are safer, more humane alternatives to hunting.

Whatever we can do to save the bears, you know we will do it. You've been with us every step of the way in this campaign, and we're so grateful. And of course, please stay tuned for more actions coming down the road to protect bears. We'll have new actions you can take online, on the phone and in person in Florida soon.

For now, thanks for being part of Team Bear with us, and don't lose heart -- there's more we can do to save the bears. Click here to read Anthony's full report in the blog.

Thanks for taking (Environmental) Action,

Sally and The Environmental Action Bear Club


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